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This offer is exclusively available to those with a Business Club membership. Join today. As a Business Club benefit, businesses have access to Autoserve’s Duty of Care facility.

What is Duty of Care?

Under employment law the employer has a duty of care towards both members of the public and their employees, both of whom may be affected by the companies work activities.

The employer is also “vicariously liable” for the acts of his employees. An employer is liable for the injuries or death negligently caused by one employee to another, or to a member of the public injured by an employee.

Where an employee drives recklessly or breaks speed limits it is the drivers’ responsibility. However where speeding was due to inappropriate scheduling of appointments by the employer, liability could be joint, i.e. they could both be prosecuted. Employer fines of which can be unlimited.

Employers must ensure their employees driving licence and insurance is both valid and adequate as well as ensuring their employee’s vehicles are in a good state of repair and that the driver is fit and well to drive on behalf of the company. But rest assured, Autoserve can complete these checks for you.

Autoserve’s Duty of Care facility includes:

  • Driving licence checks
  • Insurance checks
  • Checking the vehicle is maintained
  • Driver health checks
  • Mileage reports
  • Accident monitoring and reporting
  • Driver training where appropriate

This offer is exclusively available to those with a Business Club membership. Please speak to your Autoserve Club account manager to discuss your requirements. Some services may occur additional charges. 

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How do I access this offer?

Simply click the ‘access offer’ button at the top of this page. After you have logged in, you will be provided with a number to call Autoserve on. Simply give Autoserve a call and they’ll take it from there. This offer is exclusively available to those with a full business club membership. 

What do you mean by checking my employees driving license?

Employers have a duty of care to ensure employees who are required to drive on behalf of the company are fully licensed and have the correct entitlements. Using DVLA license checks we can check that your employees driving license is valid for the type of vehicle they drive. We’ll also be able to view any points or convictions on their driving license to give you peace of mind. Using Autoserve’s duty of care facility they can check the driving history of any new employees before they start. Upon request they can also carry out regular checks to monitor existing employees.

What do you mean by checking my employees insurance?

Autoserve will check that your employees vehicle insurance is both valid and adequate. When using a vehicle for business use, your employees insurance must also cover business insurance and cover the amount of miles they drive. Autoserve will check this for you.[/wpsm_accordion_section

How will you check their vehicle is maintained?

Using real-time DVLA databases Autoserve can check your employees vehicle is maintained and that their MOT is valid.

What do you mean by driver health checks and mileage reports?

As part of Autoserve’s Duty of Care facility, your drivers will be required to submit mileage reports to Autoserve. From analysing the mileage reports Autoserve will be able to ensure your drivers aren’t driving too many miles in a day and they are allowing for adequate breaks on long journeys. As driving too many miles and not having adequate breaks will impact upon both their health and awareness while  driving, putting them at greater risk.

What driver training can be provided?

Autoserve can provide your high risk employees with driver awareness training, protecting them, the vehicle and your organisation. Courses available include: Driver and Speed Awareness Training, UK Familiarisation Training, Fuel Efficient Training to raise awareness on Eco Driving and Post Vehicle Accident Training.

What do you mean by accident monitoring reporting?

As paid Autoserve Club members, your employees will have access to our free accident management facility. Due to this Autoserve will be able to monitor the amount of accidents your employees have and flag any high-risk drivers to you. From this Autoserve may suggest your employees complete a relevant driving training course, to help protect them, the public and your businesses reputation.
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Duty of Care
Duty of Care
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