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Young Drivers To Use Lockdown Savings To Buy A Car

A majority of young drivers, having managed to save over the course of lockdown, intend to spend their savings on a car…

Lockdown Savings Key To Car Ownership 

More than three-fifths of young people intend to use savings made over the course of lockdown to purchase a car. According to Auto Trader, the 17 – 24 demographic has managed to put away an average of £2,000 over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. Interestingly, the company also discovered that younger drivers are keener to prioritise a ‘greener’ vehicle; with 27% of the 500 people surveyed listing it as a top priority.

In addition to a smaller environmental impact, a fifth of the surveyed drivers suggested that they’re open to getting an EV. A further 23% said they’d be looking for something with a good navigation system; and 22% stressed the importance of a decent sound system.

Something With Personality  

A quarter of the surveyed drivers, all a part of ‘Generation Z’, stressed that they wanted a car that complimented their personalities. Another 11% said that they wanted a new car that was ‘Instagramable’. The survey also discovered that a third of 17-20 year-olds missed out on their driving tests because of the coronavirus. Half of 17-24 year-olds also suggested that their plans to buy a car had been disrupted.

Erin Baker, editorial director at Auto Trader, commented on the survey’s findings. He said, “despite the challenges felt around lockdowns, it is great to see that Gen Z are overcoming financial concerns to reap the benefits they will get from owning a car”. He added, “it’s a marked change from their usual trend of waiting until older years to buy”.

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