These Are Some Of Weirdest Questions Car Dealers Get Asked

Car dealers need to be able to answer all sorts of questions. Whether it’s about the technical specifications of a particular model or queries concerning payment plans. Sometimes, however, their customers’ enquiries are a bit more irregular…

Weird Questions 

CarGurus, an automotive shopping website, surveyed thousands of used car dealers to discover the weirdest questions their customers had asked them. Needless to say, the results were far from disappointing. Ranging from sweet to mildly disturbing, they reveal the broad and diverse expectations we have of our motors. One customer allegedly wanted to take a potential purchase home so he could determine if his dog approved. Another, rather worryingly, enquired as to whether he could fit a coffin in the back of a Ford Mondeo. Some were more technical such as, “can you make it left-hand drive”? Others were more novel, “would you take animals or property as payment”?

Some of the questions were eccentric, but ultimately harmless. These included “can I check the chassis number to see if it’s lucky’? Some, we hope, were in jest, like “can I take my 80-year-old wife for a test-drive to scare her”? The sweetest was, “can you fill it with balloons and put a bow on it”? We hope, in the name of customer service, the dealer obliged.

Unusual Requests

Car dealers aren’t just faced with unusual questions, they often receive colourful requests. Some were asked whether they had vehicles capable of transporting the likes of longbows, car seats and tubas. Car seats might not sound that odd, but in this case it was a customer who wanted a child seat on the rear shelf of a Toyota MR2! Other customers just try pushing their luck. Some wanted a multi-month test period, so they could properly make their minds up. One even asked for a car for six months so they could raise the cash later. Then there are the peculiar shipping requests, including to the likes of Nigeria, Malta and as far away as Down Under, Australia. One, no doubt vexed car dealer, was asked to transport a vehicle hundreds of miles for viewing; with no guarantee of purchase. We can’t imagine he or she went ahead with that proposition…

Either way, car dealers are customer-facing people and usually have a passion for cars. But their expertise lies with the vehicles themselves and how we go about buying them and ensuring they’re road-worthy etc. We should probably keep the more eccentric questions and requests to ourselves. no matter how picky our canine friends are. Also, if you ever see a Ford Mondeo with a coffin in the back, be sure to let us know; we’ll notify the used car dealers of the nation of the news.

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