These Are All The Ways You’re Wasting Your Car’s Fuel

The average Brit will spend around £60,000 on fuel over their lifetime. That’s an extraordinary amount of money. But a significant amount of it is probably squandered. Here’s all the ways you’re wasting fuel…


Not only is speeding dangerous and likely to land you with a fine, it also burns through your fuel. Even a few miles over the speed limit can have an enormous impact on your miles per gallon. In other words, gaining five or so minutes on a journey isn’t worth the money you’ll be throwing down the drain.

Harsh Acceleration

We understand, you’ve got a hectic routine. You want to race into that roundabout or make a turn before that Jag reaches you. But harsh acceleration guzzles through fuel like there’s no tomorrow. You should always accelerate firmly, but gently; applying only the pressure you need to get the car moving in time.

Loading Your Car Down

Guess what? The heavier your car is, the harder the engine has to work in order to get it moving. You can save 2 – 3% of your fuel simply by keeping the boot empty and the roof free of a rack. If it doesn’t need to be in your car, leave it at home or at the office.

Not Planning Journeys

In the age of the sat nav, planning our journeys seems unnecessary and time-consuming. But sat navs aren’t perfect; they’ll often take us down the most obvious routes rather than the most efficient. If you’re going on a long journey, take the time to assess your options and your wallet will thank you.

Wrong Tyre Pressures

Your tyres are what your car relies on in order to move, it’s hardly rocket science. So if they have the wrong pressure levels, your car will find it harder to move on them. This means it’ll burn through more fuel as it attempts to do so. Check your owner’s manual for the correct air pressure levels.

Idling Your Engine

People idle their engines for all sorts of reasons, usually it’s just laziness or a desire to keep the air conditioning / heating on. Soon, thanks to new legislation, it’ll be illegal; largely because of the environmental damage it causes. But it’s also just pure waste in terms of fuel. You’re burning through it needlessly.

Driving In The Wrong Gear

Don’t get lazy with your gear changes. It’s easily done if you’re not paying attention. The secret of a good fuel economy is driving in the highest possible gear while keeping within the speed limit. So make sure you’re reactive and get back up to a higher gear (safely) as quickly as possible.

Not Using Alternatives

This is a simple but important point. Most of us will use our cars when alternatives are more than sufficient; whether it’s walking, cycling or using public transport. Ask yourself, do you really need to drive to the corner shop? Probably not. A walk from time to time is good for your health and you’ll save money on fuel; it’s a win-win.

Ten Ways You Can Decisively Reduce Your Car’s Emissions:

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