All The Ways You’re Wasting Money On Your Car

Car-ownership is probably the second largest source of expenditure in modern society; coming just behind buying, or renting, a property. But it’s possible to make huge savings with a bit of effort and creative thinking…

Don’t Drive Like A Maniac

We get it, you’re a busy man / woman. You have kids to drop off at school, board meetings to make or perhaps just really want to get home. But none of these things are an excuse for erratic driving. Not only is it (you guessed it) dangerous, it’ll also cost you in the long-term. Late braking, harsh acceleration and dramatic manoeuvres will wreak havoc on your car’s parts and components; prematurely wearing them out. Driving should be smooth, with each process seamlessly blending into the next. Go easy on the engine and you’ll be burning through less money.

Fuel: ‘It’s The Economy, Stupid’

According to some reports, the average Brit spends nearly £60,000 on fuel over the course of a lifetime. We’re willing to suggest that a significant amount of that is wasted money. Why? Because we’re often so negligent when it comes to our fuel economies. Erratic driving not only ruins your car’s parts, it’ll also excessively burn through fuel; another reason to drive smoothly. In addition, we use our cars as storage units which renders them cumbersome. This, again, burns through more fuel. Millions of us also fall for ‘premium’ fuel options, even though numerous studies have proven only the most ‘super’ car models benefit from them.

Be Mercenary Towards Car Insurance

Brits are collectively wasting nearly £600 million a year by being loyal to their car insurance provider. By ‘loyal’, we suspect that many of us are just too disinterested to shop around. But it’s the only way to save money. Providers very rarely reward you for sticking with them, in fact they often raise their premiums; being fully aware their customers are unlikely to bother to consider their other options. You owe your provider nothing. Each time your policy is up for renewal, get three or so quotes from their competitors and make sure you’re paying the absolute minimum for the cover you need.

Repairs, Not Replacements

There’s a lot of media interest lately in ‘dodgy’ garages. This is largely built on the fact that mechanics are one of the least trusted professions in the country. But the reality is even professional garages want to squeeze money out of you. Why? Because they’re businesses and have bills to pay. MOTs, in of themselves, don’t make garages much money. They derive their profits through failed MOTs and ‘up-selling’ tactics i.e. selling things on top of other services. They’ll often suggest one of your car’s components need replacing, when a cheaper repair will usually suffice. Always enquire about this and, if you’re unconvinced, ask another garage for a second opinion. It’s almost always cheaper to fix a part than to replace it completely.

TLC For Your Car

Human beings don’t naturally find it easy to plan for the future. Instead, we prioritise the present. Which is why we don’t think of selling our cars for good money until…We need to sell our cars for good money. The problem with this attitude is that it leads to negligence. We dent, scratch and tear our cars and then lament the small offers we get when it’s time to sell. Look after the interiors by avoiding smoking, eating and drinking. Be careful not to tear or rip the upholstery and avoid staining the dashboard. A wax here and there will also help prevent your car from the elements as well as make it shine. In other words, look after your car and give it some TLC.

How To Insure Your Car Insurance Claims Are Accepted:

Ten Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Next MOT:

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