These Are The UK’s Most Common Driving Offences

New research has shed light on the UK’s most common forms of driving offences. It offers safe drivers insights into what they might encounter on the road network…

Driving Offences On The Rise

How safe do you feel on the roads? Since 2011, the number of driving offences being recorded has risen by around 5% annually. Given police cuts, it’s unlikely that this is simply a product of better enforcement. New research by True Solicitors has revealed precisely which offences are the most common throughout the country. As you might expect, breaking the speed limit tops the list by a considerable margin. In England and Wales, drivers have collectively racked up 15.9 million speeding offences. Overall, the nation’s driving is getting worse. In 2011, there was a driving offence for every eleven drivers. Now there’s an offence for every ten.

Recently, 13 police forces have seen an increase in the speed of the fastest drivers caught over the course of lockdown; meaning that the increased number of people being caught isn’t necessarily acting as a deterrent. This, however, might have been a product of the historic low levels of traffic over the course of March, April and May. Empty roads have effectively encouraged irresponsible drivers to put their feet down despite the risk of eye-watering fines and penalty points on their licenses.

The Most Common Offences

These are, according to True Solicitors, the most common kinds of driving offences in England and Wales since 2011…

Speeding: 15,904,000

Miscellaneous (Not providing information, ignoring rules): 2,998,000

License, Insurance and Record Keeping: 2,666,000

Dangerous, Careless or Drunk Driving: 1,587,000

Vehicle Test And Condition: 626,000

Unauthorised Taking Or Theft Of Vehicle: 55,000

Accident Offences: 40,000

Recently, the number of registered vehicles in the UK surpassed 40 million; meaning there are more motorists to monitor and police than ever before. Precisely how the nation’s police forces intend to enforce correct driving standards isn’t clear. But with figures rising with each passing year, it’s clear that Britain’s roads are becoming increasingly risky places to be.

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