These Are The Top Ten Worst Car Names Of All Time

Car manufacturers are fond of unusual names. Today, they’re often unpronounceable unless you’re from the company’s marketing team. Here are the top ten worst car names of all time…

Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard

Apparently, the ‘MU’ in the Isuzu MU stands for ‘Mysterious Utility’. Precisely what’s so mysterious about this mid-sized SUV is, well, a mystery. As for ‘Wizard’, the only magic involved with this car is how the company’s marketing team got away with it.

Ford Probe

Some car names are simply awful. Others are surreal. Whilst you might expect a car called ‘Probe’ to emerge out of a non-English speaking country, you wouldn’t expect it to come from America’s Ford. Still, only being a small liftback coupe drivers didn’t find it hard to get their Probe into tight spaces. That’s a plus.

Honda Joy Machine

Yes, this is an actual car name from an actual legacy automaker. Apparently, the name was chosen to capture the imagination, and money, of younger drivers. Still, imagine receiving confirmation in the post that your ‘Joy Machine’ was on its way…

Mazda Bongo Friendee

Probably not the most politically correct car name. Precisely what the rationale behind this one was will probably never be known. We can only speculate that recreational drugs may have been involved.

Ferrari LaFerrari 

By Axion23 - LaFerrari in Beverly Hills, CC BY 2.0,

Yes, Ferrari literally called one its cars ‘Ferrari The Ferrari’. But perhaps that’s precisely the kind of malignant narcissism that its client base know and love. In which case, a real stroke of marketing genius.

Renault Wind

By M 93 - Self-photographed, Attribution,

Ok, ok. Maybe this car name wouldn’t raise too many eyebrows outside of Britain; or indeed anywhere with an iota of maturity. Still, we got a few chuckles from it.

Great Wall Wingle

By Navigator84 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

As the name suggests, Great Wall is a Chinese car manufacturer. See, that’s a good name. Relevant and to the point. ‘Wingle’, however, isn’t exactly a great name for what is otherwise meant to be a decidedly masculine pick-up truck.

Skoda Enyaq

This is the most recent (and unfortunate) entry on our list. It’s Skoda’s new electric SUV. It means ‘source of life’ in Irish, apparently. We just think it’s a source of embarrassment. It sounds like someone’s trying to clear their throat, doesn’t it?

Peugeot Moonster

To be fair, the Peugeot Moonster was a deliberately oddball concept car; reminiscent from a retro sci-fi flik. However, someone should have probably told our French friends at Peugeot about the implications in the English-speaking world.

Daihatsu Naked

By Tennen-Gas - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

There’s no law against it, believe it or not. But it’d be nippy in winter with, or without, the heating turned on. Still, getting caught with nothing on probably wouldn’t be as embarrassing as being seen in this brutalist Kei car.

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