The Pass Plus Scheme: What Is It And Does It Mean Cheaper Insurance?

The Pass Plus scheme is a road safety initiative designed to improve a driver’s ability on the road. But what does it consist of and will it lower your car insurance premium?

What To Expect From Pass Plus

Pass Plus, as the name implies, is an optional driving programme designed to improve a person’s driving ability after they’ve passed their driving test. It concerns scenarios that otherwise aren’t covered by the practical test, including driving on motorways and after dark. To gain a Plus Certificate, a driver must complete six hours of training with an approved instructor – this usually costs around £200. Whilst there isn’t a formal ‘test’ involved, there are six ‘modules’ that drivers need to complete in order to pass.

These include…

Rural Driving – Drivers are introduced to the challenges of rural roads, including slower vehicles, animals, blind bends and overtaking.

Night Driving – Drivers are exposed to driving conditions after dark, including the correct use of headlamps and adapting to dazzle effects.

Town Driving – Drivers are taught how to properly judge space in tight environments, the considerations of vulnerable road-users and how to navigate complex junctions.

All-Weather Driving – Drivers are taught how to approach different weather conditions and how they can affect cars. It covers skidding, increased stopping distances and how visibility might be affected.

Dual Carriageways – Dual carriageways should be covered by driving instructors before learners take their practical test. Nevertheless, the Pass Plus scheme offers a more comprehensive approach to them.

Motorways – Until recently, learner drivers weren’t allowed on motorways. Regardless, they can still be daunting for new drivers. The Pass Plus scheme teaches drivers how to navigate motorways safely.

Will It Lower Your Car Insurance Premium?

When the Pass Plus scheme was launched, it was hoped that car insurance providers would take an interest. After all, it offered motorists a way of proving their credentials and how seriously they took road safety. Unfortunately, they just don’t seem to care. Most car insurance companies won’t offer discounts simply because someone has a Pass Plus certificate. Precisely why this is the case isn’t clear. It’s probably because most people who take the scheme are, ultimately, younger (or newer) drivers. The perception is that these groups are the most accident-prone on the roads (something confirmed by statistics); which is why they often face eye-watering insurance costs.

So, if you’re considering the Pass Plus scheme purely to save money, don’t bother. Alternatively, if you’re interested in improving your drivings skills, it may very well be worth your time. No matter how thorough your driving instructor was, there were probably scenarios they simply couldn’t cover in great detail. It’s a great way of introducing new drivers to driving on motorways and getting used to taking to the wheel after dark – all within a controlled, and therefore safer, context.

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