The Best Road Trips In Britain

With over 200,000 miles of road, the UK can certainly offer motorists a staggering amount of diversity. From busy motorways and congested inner-city streets, to picturesque and ghostly country lanes, Britain has a bit of everything. Road trips can provide motorists with a tangible sense of freedom. There’s so much to see and your car makes the ‘seeing’ possible. Here are some of the best road trips in Britain and why you should consider taking them…

Black Mountain Pass – Brecon Beacons, Wales

With a name almost out of a fantasy novel, Black Mountain Pass is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Wales. Its less-exciting name, A4069, is the precise road that runs through it. This 22 mile route will typically take drivers three quarters of an hour to diverge. It offers unparalleled views and cuttingly sharp turns, which make for a challenges and rewarding driving experience. As beautiful as it might be, however, it’s probably best left to more experienced drivers.

Cheddar Gorge – Somerset, England 

Located in the heart of the West Country, this route through Cheddar Gorge is rather short at just 15 miles and 30 minutes travel time. However, that’s more than sufficient to confront drivers with some of the most delightful views in the UK. Limestone cliffs dominate the route, which unfold spectacularly as the route progresses. Usually a quiet route, the most you’ll typically come across is a farm vehicle trudging along its way.

Snake Pass – Peak District, England

The Peak District is well-known for its beauty, attracting tourists and sight-seekers from around the world. Snake Pass is, arguably, one of the most beautiful places in the Peak District; which, as you might expect, makes it exceptionally beautiful. Spanning 42 miles, this route typically takes an hour and a quarter to traverse. Twisting and sliding corners really do paint the picture of a serpent. The Pass can be dangerous, having seen many accidents and casualties over the years; it’s best treated with respect and travelled on by capable drivers.

Abergwesyn Pass – Powys, Wales 

Critics claim that this route can be as challenging to drive through as it is to pronounce; which, unless you’re Welsh, provides a fair understanding of its difficulty. But, like so many things in life, the best things have to be worked for. 11 miles long, 479 meters at its highest point, the route will usually take people 40 minutes to complete. This route has it all, including bridges, ascents, descents and long, open stretches. A background of mountains, picturesque villages and almost primeval forests create an almost fairy tale-like environment.

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