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The Benefits Of Buying An Electric Car

Electric cars are rising in popularity in the UK, with more sold in the first quarter of 2022 than in the entirety of 2019. With a number of benefits, it’s not hard to see why…

Green Credentials

The most obvious advantage of electric vehicles is their reduced environmental impact. Whilst some people would take issue with the idea that any motor vehicle can ever be truly ‘green’, the scientific consensus is that electric vehicles are cleaner than petrol, diesel and hybrid alternatives. This is because they don’t produce exhaust-related emissions.

This means that they’re particularly helpful in improving air quality, especially in urban areas.

Dodge Charges

In order to address air quality concerns and the impact of the Climate Crisis, an increasing number of authorities are clamping down on motor vehicles. Many have opted for ultra low emission zones or clean air zones. These see drivers, especially those with older vehicles, faced with significant charges. Should you opt to buy an electric car, you’ll be exempt from the charges entirely.

Reduced Running Costs

On average, driving an electric car costs around £1.30 when covering 100 miles. For perspective, it costs £11.05 to drive a typical petrol over a similar distance. Moreover, petrol and diesel vehicles have thousands of moving parts. This produces substantial wear and tear over time and therefore extensive servicing and maintenance work. EVs have a tiny fraction of these parts, meaning they’re much cheaper to maintain.

Smoother Driving 

If you’re a fan of smooth and stress-free driving, an electric car is the way to go. They have more responsive acceleration and braking. In addition, they generally have a lower centre of gravity – meaning they’re often easier to handle and are safer to drive.

Less Noise

Electric cars are so quiet that they’ve had to be fitted to with artificial noise systems; alerting vulnerable people to their presence. Even with the noises, which generally emit at lower speeds, they’re quiet to drive. This can be much more comfortable for occupants and local residents.

Good Resale Values

An electric car is a solid financial investment. Not only will they entail long-term savings, they also have good resale values. It’s also worth remembering that the sale of new ICE vehicles will be banned in 2030, only making EVs more desirable.

Free Parking 

A number of cities now offer free parking for EVs, in attempt to make them more attractive in areas most likely to suffer from poor air quality. If you regularly travel or commute to an inner city, then, they can be extremely useful given how challenging finding appropriate parking can be.

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