Selling Your Car? Here’s How To Do It Quickly And For A Good Price

Selling a new car needn’t be daunting. Whether you’ve done it before or not, a few simple steps can shift your old motor quickly and for a good price. Here’s what you need to know…

Set A Fair Price

Guess what, no one is going to buy your old Rover 45 for £5,000. Unless you chance upon a fanatical enthusiast, that’s just not how selling your car works. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve loved the car personally, or how valuable you think it is, it’s only worth as much as the market says it is. That means, if you want to shift your car, you need to set a fair price. That means conducting a bit of research and working out its value. With price comparison websites a plenty, that shouldn’t be hard. Of course, you can nudge the price a bit either way. If you want a quick sell, go below the average. If you’re willing to wait a tad longer, you can experiment with a higher price-tag. But be reasonable and be fair.

Have The Right Documents

Any prospective car buyer with good sense will see immediate red flags when a car lacks basic documents. You should have a service history, owners handbook (ideally), proof of ownership, MOT certificate and a registration document. All of these will prove that you own the car, that’s it’s road-legal and has been properly looked after over the years. If you don’t have them, you’ll put off prospective buyers. Those that aren’t put off will probably be prepared to pay far less than your asking price. You’d expect proper documentation when buying a used car, so have it available when selling your own.

Produce A Good Ad

One thing people tend to get wrong when selling used cars is advertising. It’s how you attract buyers in the first place, so it’s the most important detail. But because so many people go about it poorly, it also means you have a sure way of standing out. First things first, you want good photos of the car and from a variety of different angles; this is what pulls a buyer in. Secondly, make sure that your copy (the writing) is properly informative. Leave out needless details and include the main selling points. These might include the fact that the car’s been serviced at main dealers, its mileage and age and in-car technology; as well as any damage (or lack thereof). Also, make sure to use clear sentences and good grammar; mistakes can put people off.

TLC For Your Car

Your car should look its best in photos and when viewed in person. Make sure to give it a good clean and polish, both inside and out. Try to fix any damage that you can before taking on viewings; some of it might not be economical to repair, in which case be honest about it. Clear the interior out of any personal effects and make sure to deal with any stains or bad odours. Even an old car can be made to look young again with a little bit of tender loving care. In addition, it means less work for any potential buyer.

Always Negotiate 

Don’t be afraid to haggle. If someone’s responded to an ad, or come for a viewing, they probably want your car; unless you’ve misled them. In addition, they’re probably not put off by your asking price (otherwise, why bother?). Some will try to offer a reduced price, in which case you can either accept or stress the car’s selling points. Don’t be bullied into a significant drop, there will almost certainly be another customer just around the corner. Hear each buyer out and consider each offer on its merits; just don’t be hesitant to turn someone away who pushes their luck.

Keep Yourself Safe

Selling a car is rarely dangerous, but it certainly can be. After all, you’re coming into contact with people you don’t know. In addition, there are all sorts of criminal practices concerning cars whether they’re used or not. In which case, you should arrange viewings in well-lit, public places. Tell people where you’re going and, ideally, take someone with you. In addition, always accompany the viewer during a test drive. Finally, consider how you’re taking payment. Cash is the safest method, but be on guard for fake notes. If you’re using a bank transfer, don’t let the buyer leave with the car until it’s been processed and confirmed; the same goes for a cheque.

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