Police Warning: Posting Holidays On Social Media Puts You At Risk

Police forces have warned holidaymakers not to post social media content whilst on holiday. By doing so, they’re inadvertently alerting would-be thieves to the fact that their homes and property are empty and unattended.

Advertising To Thieves  

By posting holiday-related content online, we risk alerting thieves to the fact that our homes and properties are unattended and empty. That’s according to police forces. In addition, we may be accidentally invalidating our home insurance policies. North Wales Police having been using #dontmakeiteasy online, in order to raise awareness of the phenomenon. They’re advising people to wait until they get home before sharing photos of their road trips and holidays. They’ve also stressed that many home insurance providers will refuse to pay-out; claiming the individual failed to take “reasonable care” should they share photos. If you’re unsure about your own policy, don’t take any chances. Enquire before sharing photos and other content.

Avoid ‘Holiday Countdowns’ 

In addition to the usual videos and photos we often post on social media, police have advised against ‘holiday countdowns’ in particular. These involve announcing an upcoming holiday in advance of the date of departure. These provide criminals with an exact date at which your home and property become vulnerable; and often how long for. According to Admiral, the insurance provider, 36% of social media users have given away clues concerning future holidays. Even more riskily, 40% of Facebook users check in or tag their locations. Around half of all burglaries take place when the property owner is away from home, so it’s crucial that holidaymakers don’t put themselves at risk. One way to ruin a holiday is to fall victim to a break-in!

What You Can Do

The best way to escape this modern phenomenon is simply to avoid sharing content on social media whilst away from home. Whilst it’s tempting to show-off ‘in the moment’, no amount of ‘likes’ is worth losing prized possessions; or the stress that inevitably ensues after a burglary. In addition, it’s wise to ask a neighbour or friend to check on your home from time to time, to ensure nothing’s amiss and to demonstrate activity. In particular, make sure newspapers and mail aren’t left lying around or that there are any other visible signs that the property is empty. By ensuring that all doors and windows and shut and locked correctly, and by investing in anti-theft devices, it’s possible to make breaking int your home too much effort. Even something as simple as a motion-activated light on your driveway can act as a strong deterrent to thieves.

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