Millions Of Pet Owners Are At Risk Of Invalidating Their Car Insurance

Pet owners are putting themselves at risk of invalidating their car insurance; and it’s all because of this simple mistake…

An Expensive Mistake

New research from MoneySuperMarket has discovered that millions of motorists are putting themselves at risk of invalidating their car insurance; and it’s all to do with their pets. They’re failing to properly secure them whilst on the move. Failing to properly secure them is known to void a large amount of car insurance policies. As a result, drivers are needlessly exposing themselves should they need to make a claim. According to the research, a worrying 24% of drivers were leaving their furry companions unrestrained. A further 7% were doing so whilst understanding the risks to their cover.

But why do unrestrained pets so often invalidate cover? The answer’s simple. In the event of a crash or collision, unrestrained pets can easily become projectiles; either becoming a threat to people within the vehicle or outside of it. More generally, they can also distract drivers whilst they’re at the wheel. The Highway Code makes it clear that pets should be properly retrained. It reads that pets should be ‘suitably restrained while on the road to ensure that they don’t distract the driver’. Suitable restraints include cages, guards and harnesses. Make sure you buy something that’s suitable for your car and simultaneously comfortable for your pet.

Tough Penalties For Negligent Pet Owners

It’s not just invalidated car insurance pet owners need to worry about. They can also face tough penalties for failing to properly restrain their pets whilst on the move. If stopped, offenders could face instant fines of £100 and receive three penalty points on their licenses. However, if the case were taken to court, offenders could face fines up to £2,500 and nine penalty points.

The consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, Rachel Wait, offered her own advice to pet owners and drivers. She said, “if you’re in a prang with an unrestrained pet in your car, insurers may use it against you – regardless of whether it was as a direct result of the animal itself – so it’s worth being on the safe side and making sure ‘man’s best friend’ is properly restrained.” She added, “always read your policy in full to make sure you have the correct level of cover for your needs. If not, shop around to see if you are getting the best deal – you could save up to £2454 per year simply by switching provider, and it doesn’t take long to do.”

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