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One In Five Motorists Don’t Understand T-Junctions

A worrying fifth of British motorists don’t properly understand who has priority at T-junctions, new research has revealed…

Confused at T-Junctions 

One in five Brits don’t understand who has priority at T-Junctions, a new poll has revealed. Conducted by price comparison company USwitch, it revealed that 20% of respondents didn’t know which driver should be given priority. Even more disturbingly, 15% of them didn’t actually recognise the sign at all. Overall, some 44% of the respondents ‘have forgotten common road sign meanings’ as a result of lockdown restrictions.

More concerning results included the 17% of drivers who felt that the sign for ‘end of minimum speed limit’ actually means ‘maximum speed limit’. In addition, 27% of drivers mistake the sign for zebra crossings for ‘pedestrians walking along the road’. Moreover, 20% felt that the sign for ‘cycle route ahead’ actually meant ‘no cyclists allowed’.

Brushing Up 

Joel Kempson, speaking for USwitch, stated that everyone can benefit from improving their knowledge of road signs. He said, “everyone can benefit from brushing up on their driving knowledge, both in and out of the car. As driving test regulations have changed since 1973, those aged 48+ could see a significant benefit in some catch-up work”.

He added, “we would advise looking through the Highway Code every once in a while, to make sure you still know what you would have learned for your driving test. Road signs can vary across the country, so it is also important to check that your driving knowledge covers the whole of the UK”.

Give that many drivers have seen their cars sat idle for months on end, it’s crucial that they re-familiarise themselves with basic road sense. It’s crucial to understand what road signs mean, especially when it comes to who has priority or right of way; a mistake could have devastating consequences.

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