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Never Have A Car Insurance Claim Rejected Again With These Tips

In excess of 40,000 car insurance claims are rejected each and every year, leaving motorists with eye-watering bills. A significant amount of these are avoidable. Here’s how to ensure your car insurance claim is accepted…

Take Out The Right Policy

Insurers fork out a staggering £22 million a day for private car insurance claims. So, as you might expect, they’re always looking to save on their expenses. In effect, they don’t want to payout and will therefore do what they can to avoid doing it. Your first priority is to take out the right policy; you’d be surprised at how many motorists take them out solely on price. Make sure you’re covered for all of your driving habits. If you’re driving to work, ensure the policy covers your commute. If you’re driving all across the country, ensure you’re covered for an appropriate amount of miles driven.

Ensure Your Car Is Properly Secured

As far as your insurer is concerned, your car needs to be properly secured at all times. In layman’s terms, never leave your car unattended with the keys in the ignition; even for mere moments. People usually make this mistake when they’re defrosting their cars during the winter; something opportunistic thieves are well aware of. In addition, they’ll usually want to know where your car is being stored when not in use. Be honest with them. You should also remember that insurers won’t pay out if a driver was drunk or under the influence of drugs (including certain prescription drugs).

Act Decisively And Quickly 

After an accident, it’s crucial that you notify your insurer as soon as possible if you want to make a claim. Follow the stated procedure to the letter. Write down all of the details of the accident and, if you have it, submit dashcam videos and photographs as evidence; these can make an enormous difference. Make sure to get all of the details from the other parties involved in the crash, too. If you can, get statements from any witnesses of the crash or collision. But, most importantly of all, be honest with your insurer. If you’re found to have been dishonest, you can have your policy cancelled and even find yourself in court for fraud in extreme cases. The last thing you want is stress on top of being caught in an accident!

Read The Terms And Conditions

Terms are conditions are boring; no one disagrees. But you’re basically asking to be let down later down the line if you don’t read them. Not only will they make it clear what you’re actually covered for, they’ll also explain the process you need to follow to make a claim. Make sure you check the terms for things like maximum mileage, car modifications (including tow bars) and even moving house.

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