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Motorists Value Quality And Style Over Safety And Sustainability

A new survey suggests that motorists are more interested in the quality and style of cars than how safe or ‘green’ they are…

Motorists’ Priorities 

A survey conducted by Autovia, involving 1,200 British motorists, has shed light on their prioritises when it comes to purchasing a new car. The primary concern for the majority of drivers (61%) was a brand’s reputation for quality. This was followed by ‘model styling’ (53%) and a previously good experience with a brand (51%). In fourth place was ‘good value for money’.

Perhaps somewhat disturbingly, motorists seem to be relatively disinterested in car’s safety or environmental impact. For instance, just 24% and 9% of the survey’s respondents chosen them as a factor respectively. To put things in perspective, the only option below these was ‘recommendations of friends and family’. With the looming climate crisis, and stubborn road collision figures in the UK, these figures will make for depressing reading for some.

‘Key to Success’ 

Steve Fowler, editor at Auto Express, commented on the survey’s results. He said, “brand perceptions are a very subjective phenomenon and yet they are key to success or failure in Britain’s car market, so manufacturers will be fascinated to understand how they are viewed by car buyers”.

He continued, “two of the most unexpected findings in this latest research are that environmental credentials and the influence of family and friends score so low, suggesting that customers feel much more strongly about an enjoyable and stylish car ownership experience that they have discovered through their own research. Dealers will also note that looking after the customer properly is key to retaining loyalty; with women in particular citing a previously good experience as the best reason to stick with a brand”.

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