MOT Anxiety: Put An End To It With The Autoserve Club

MOT anxiety is experienced by millions of drivers. That’s according to a new survey conducted by Co-Op Insurance. It refers to the stress drivers experience when faced with the prospect of their car being written off and process itself. The Autoserve Club aims to put an end to it once and for all…

MOT Anxiety: A Widespread Concern

The survey examined the thoughts and experiences of 2,000 motorists on MOT anxiety. It discovered that 59% of respondents find the MOT test ‘stressful.’ One fifth (20%) felt that the process around the MOT was too much of a hassle and 19% said they struggle to find the time to visit a garage.

As it stands, motorists must take vehicles for an MOT on the third anniversary of their registration. Then on, it must be passed on an annual basis. The test is designed to ensure that a vehicle is road-worthy and safe. This means checking the likes of the tyres, brakes and seat belts. Should a vehicle be driven without having passed the MOT, its driver can be fined up to £1,000. Approximately 35 people were killed in 2017 alone because of vehicle defects.

But where does MOT anxiety come from? Fundamentally, millions of people rely upon their vehicles to get to work and to carry out vital journeys; such as the school run. Should the vehicles fail to pass the MOT (which has become increasingly tougher), they could be faced with prospect of losing their car. In addition, unprofessional garages and confusing standards can make the process an unpleasant one.

The Autoserve Club’s Solution 

The Autoserve Club aims to put an end to MOT anxiety. But how? For just £12.00 a year, Members are entitled to 50% off their MOT at National Tyre garages. National Tyre has locations all across the United Kingdom and has been operating since 1970. In other words, you can count on them for reliability and professionalism. Their staff face regular and stringent training to ensure the thousands of MOTs they conduct every year are to the highest standard. Regular Members are also entitled to a host of savings and discounts on specific repairs, meaning they can face their MOT with confidence. These include the likes of 15% off new tyres, exhausts and car batteries.

Our Premium Membership goes one step further in taking the fight to MOT anxiety. For just £8.99 a month, Premium Members will never have to lift a finger when their MOT is due again. As well as our regular offers and discounts, they’ll get up to 40% off their regular servicing, accident management and our in-house, 24/7 driver support line. More importantly, they’ll receive our Premium Managed Service. This means we’ll handle everything for you, from booking your vehicle into a suitable garage, collecting and redelivering it and any other admin that might need addressing. In other words, we’ll do everything for you; with the Autoserve Club, one call does it all.

Become A Member Today

Become a Member of the Autoserve Club today for just £12.00 a year and receive…

50% off your MOT

Savings on tyres, exhausts, batteries and many other parts and components

Access to a range of lifestyle offers and deals, like supercar drive days

Become A Premium Member for just £8.99 a month and receive…

Access to all the offers and discounts available to regular members

Use of our in-house, 24/7 driver support helpline

Access to our Premium Managed Serviced, meaning we’ll handle everything concerning your servicing and MOT for you

Up to 40% off your car’s regular servicing

Become A Member Here:

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The Autoserve Club can save you time, money and stress. Club Members can receive huge fuel discounts, up to 40% off servicing, 15% off new tyres and access to our professional 24/7 helpline. To learn more, contact our friendly Service Advisers on 0121 521 3500 today

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