These Are The Top Ten Most Irritating Car Features Ever

Car features are always being innovated and developed at an alarming pace. Whether it’s heated seats, 3D displays or lane-keeping assistance, there’s always something new. Unfortunately, not everything is particularly useful. These are the top ten most irritating car features…

Non-Responsive Voice Activation 

One of the most unreliable car features we’ve ever come across is voice activation. And is it really surprising? Making them recognise multiple language, innumerable accents and dialects, is basically impossible. More often than not, they simply induce manic shouting and repetition as they monotonously request that we…Repeat the request.

Unimpressive Reverse Cameras

In theory, reverse cameras are innovative and capable of significantly improving safety. After all, human beings don’t have 360-vision; making reversing tricky business. The problem doesn’t lie with the technology itself, more so with the fact that automakers seemingly hate investing in solid displays. Footage often looks grainy and is sometimes relayed late, rather than in real-time.

Forced Touchscreens

Touchscreens remove the need for buttons, knobs and dials; that saves space and materials. Sounds like one of the better car features, right? Wrong. Many automakers are overzealous with touchscreen tech, seemingly regarding it as the hallmark of Modernity and a new tech-savvy age. They’re prone to crashing, aren’t reliably responsive and can be difficult to navigate. You know where you stand with a button.

Inaccurate Sat Navs

An increasingly large number of cars are coming with in-built satellite navigation systems. Assuming manufacturers aren’t simply pricing them into the price of the vehicle itself, this is a nice touch. Who can realistically do without them nowadays and, frankly, it’s better than attaching an awkward screen to your windscreen; which can affect your view of the road. The problem is, the in-built systems are often very basic and serve more as a gimmick. They often lead you down incorrect or poorly optimised routes.

Car Alarms, Seriously

This may sound controversial, but what do car alarms do other than wake people up at night? In our opinion, absolutely nothing. Disagree, well how many have you responded to? We’re fundamentally desensitised to them and there’s no evidence they help prevent car thefts. Once more, they’re exceptionally irritating for communities.

Hidden CD Players

Ok, driving distractions are dangerous; we don’t disagree. But as responsible adults, we should be deciding how to conduct ourselves on the nation’s roads. Placing CD players in a glove box is meant to prevent us from fidgeting with them whilst on the move. But we reckon it just leaves people fidgeting even more, rather than waiting until they’re parked. Also, if we’re dealing with driving distractions, when are we going to address the enormous and eye-catching advertisements that dot our road network?

Non-Adjustable Steering Wheels 

How there are still cars without this car feature is basically unfathomable. Not including them in the 21st century is the same as not including airbags or adjustable seats. If the steering wheel isn’t properly aligned to the driver’s height and proportions, they’re not safe. It’s as simple as that.

Stop / Start Systems

Stop and start systems automatically switch off a car’s engine when they come to a halt. This is meant to conserve fuel and help reduce emissions and pollution. We’re all for this. The problem is they also wreak havoc on certain components within cars; namely, the engine and the ignition system. Great in theory, but not great in execution.

Over-Sized Key Fobs

For years technology seemed to be getting smaller and smaller; mobile phones being the most obvious example. Now, however, they’re the size of house bricks again as we’ve decided we want screens big enough to stream films on. Car fobs seem to be the same, and are becoming increasingly cumbersome. Sure, it’s great to get away from keys. But can’t we render them more subtle?

Keyless Entry

Some technology tries to solve non-existent problems, as a result it actually ends up creating them. We simply aren’t convinced that getting into our cars was ever that inconvenient. Now, however, automakers want us to be able to get in just by walking up to the door. Sure, it’s nifty if it’s pouring down in rain or we’re carrying a large amount of coffees. But they’re so vulnerable to so-called ‘relay crime’ that thieves are able to exploit them in seconds. More importantly, automakers are taking forever to secure them properly.

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