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Maintaining Your Electric Car: What You Need To Know

Your Electric car has fewer moving parts than its ICE equivalents, which means it should be easier to maintain. Nevertheless, it’ll still require regular maintenance and servicing. Here’s what you need to know…

Do Electric Cars Require Much Maintenance? 

A major selling point of electric cars is that, in theory, they’re easier and cheaper to maintain. Unlike cars with internal combustion engines (ICE), they don’t have a plethora of moving parts; which are often exposed to regular friction and kinetic energy. This leaves fewer opportunities for parts and components to break or malfunction. For instance, their braking systems are less likely to experience problems. That said, they still regular regular maintenance and servicing. In fact, some of their components are actually more likely to cause trouble than their ICE equivalents.

Battery Maintenance 

One of the reasons your electric car was probably more expensive than diesels and petrols is its battery technology. They require a plethora of rare earth minerals and advanced components. Like any other battery, batteries in EVs don’t last forever. How frequently, and to what extent, they’re charged can have a significant effect on how long they last and how efficiently they operate. If you’re regularly fully charging your car’s battery, perhaps in order to complete long journeys, it’ll face much more wear and tear; which is why regular checks at a garage are so crucial.

Replacing faulty or broken EV batteries can cost an eye-watering amount of money.

Brake Maintenance 

Electric cars use regenerative braking systems, which direct energy back to the battery when the systems are used. Like a traditional braking system, however, they still use brake pads and fluid. Both of these will need to be regularly checked and replaced in order to operate properly. It goes without saying that neglecting any part of your car’s braking system can have devastating consequences for you and other road-users.

Tyre Maintenance 

Unfortunately, your electric car will probably wear through its tyres faster than many ICE vehicles would. This is because EV batteries are remarkably heavy and the excess weight takes it toll on them over time. In addition, EVs have significantly more acceleration power, which wears out tread at a faster rate. This means your car’s tyres will need regular inspections and, quite possibly, more frequent replacements.

Coolant and Air Filters 

EVs require coolant in order to keep their batteries cool; much as ICE vehicles need it to keep their engines at an appropriate temperature. As a result, it needs to be regularly inspected and topped up. Your car’s air filters will also need all of the same level of servicing and maintenance as any other vehicle, too.

In-Car Technology 

Most modern cars, regardless of the powertrain they use, are housing an increasing amount of electronics and technologies. From heated seating to on-board Wi-Fi, it all opens the door to expensive repair work if something goes wrong. In fact, a number of car insurance companies are raising their premiums for vehicles which come complete with gizmos and special features. As EV models are often very modern, they’re likely to have lots of in-car tech options. If something goes wrong, drivers can face enormous fees. Which, again, is why regular trips to a garage can make a real difference.

The Bottom Line When It Comes To Your Electric Car 

Electric cars have many, many advantages over their ICE equivalents. They’re often considered to be easier to drive, are better for the environment and typically face reduced running costs. But, like any other vehicle, regular servicing, maintenance and repairs remain crucial. If you own an electric car, regular trips to a garage and appropriate cover will protect you from facing enormous fees.

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