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Hypermiling: Easy Ways To Save Money On Fuel

Hypermiling is the art of adjusting your driving style in order to save fuel. Here’s a few straightforward ways you can save money…

Check your Tyre Pressures 

Tyres naturally lose some of their air pressure over time. When they possess too little, fuel efficiency can actually be reduced by 3%. In which case, it makes sense to check on your tyres at least once a month. Your manufacturer’s recommended pressures can usually be found in your car’s owner’s guide.

Don’t Idle your Engine

Engine idling is a question of leaving your engine running when your car isn’t moving, such as when you’re stuck in heavy traffic or when you’re parked. It’s terrible for environment and local air quality. However, it’s also capable of reducing fuel efficiency by up 19%. Switch your engine off when you don’t need it for a simple hypermiling solution.

Ditch Needless Weight

The heavier your car is, the harder the engine will have to work in order to get it moving. As you’d expect, this increases the rate at which it consumes fuel. It makes sense, then, to keep your vehicle free of needless weight. Store tools or sports gear away when they’re not needed. You should always remove things like roof and bike racks, too, as they significantly increase air resistance.

Keep Things Smooth 

If hypermiling concerns anything it concerns driving your vehicle smoothly. This means avoiding needless acceleration, braking sparingly (reduce your speed instead) and in good time and conducting steady manoeuvres. Taking all of these steps will improve your fuel economy significantly.

Be Conservative with the AC

Air conditioning burns through a lot of energy. Which is why you should use it sparingly if you’re trying to save money on fuel. When you’re driving at slower speeds, such as in a town, simply lower your windows (the air resistance won’t be significant enough to have a negative impact). On a motorway or a-road, however, you’ll be better off with the AC system.

Watch your Speed 

Breaking the speed limit usually has a negligible impact on the length of a journey. What it won’t have negligible impact on, however, is your fuel economy. The difference between the legal motorway limit of 70 mph and 80 mph, for instance, is considerable. The faster you go above the limit, the bigger the impact. Stick to the speed limit if you want to save fuel.

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