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Hundreds Of People Have Applied To Swap Their Cars For Mobility Credits

Hundreds of people in Coventry have applied for a scheme that involves giving up cars in return for mobility credits…

Coventry and Mobility Credits 

Almost 300 people in Coventry have expressed an interest in surrendering their cars in return for mobility credits. Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) has been working with 147 of them since March in conducting a pilot scheme. Participants receive up to £3,000 to spend on the likes of bike and car shares, public transport and taxis. Some 70 of the surrendered vehicles have been crushed.

Thus far, TfWM has made £1 million in mobility credits available; having received £22 million from the government for a variety of green initiatives. Some of these include driverless cars and cycle hire opportunities. The trial itself is due to run for two years, with organisers hoping to include 280 participants overall. The ultimate objective is to determine whether the credits are an effective way of encouraging behaviour changes in the way people approach travel.

Changing Times 

A number of cities throughout the UK have a legal obligation to reduce air pollution; which can have a major impact on health and wellbeing. As a consequence, many authorities are looking at ways of reducing car-use; largely by introducing fees for entering urban centres or funding alternatives.

Whilst £3,000 in mobility credits might not sound particularly tantalising on the surface, they can be useful for people who live in cities or large towns. Cars are expensive, and combined with the traffic and slow travel times that are often a fact of life in cities, some urbanites would prefer to be without them. In which case, it’s a way of getting paid to pursue a more effective way of travelling – at least for some people.

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