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Here’s Why Puddles Are Forming Under Your Car On Hot Days

During the summer months, you may find puddles of water underneath your car. But what’s causing them and should you be worried?

Puddles Under Your Car

It’s summer which, for the UK, means we may see a week or two of more or less warm weather. When things do get a bit hotter, you may notice that puddles regularly form beneath your vehicle. But what’s causing them and should they be a cause for concern?

If you’re a little technical, you might be forgiven for thinking there’s a fault with your vehicle’s radiator. A sprung leak, perhaps? However, it’s much more likely that there’s water dripping from the air-conditioning system. Excess water is produced by the system’s compressor – which is facing additional strain in the hot temperatures. It can actually freeze over as it works to remove moisture from the car.

Is The Water Clear? 

When a car is parked up, and the air conditioning is turned off, surface ice will begin to melt. This is the most likely cause of puddles emerging beneath a vehicle. Naturally, the hotter a particular day is the larger the puddle will be.

Rod Dennis, speaking for the RAC, has mentioned that the organisation has received many a call from worried drivers. He said, “the advice is to check whether this is simply odourless water, or if it has coolant in, with a definite smell and colour. If it’s the former, there should be no need to worry”.

In other words, then, if the water’s clear there’s nothing to worry about. Well, except for contending with warm temperatures as you inevitably find yourself stuck in traffic.

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