Here’s How To Avoid Low Speed Parking Accidents

The car insurance industry believes that there are around 1,000 low speed collisions and accidents taking place in the UK each and every day. Here’s how to avoid having one yourself…

Low-Speed Accidents

When we think of car accidents, we tend to think of speed. But most tend to happen on quieter roads, with lower speed limits. Despite the lack of speed, repair costs can easily reach up to around £1,500. The road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist has drawn attention to the extent of parking collisions, too; which it believes are due to the size of parking spaces and the increasing size of many of the cars we drive. According to the law, a parking space must be between 7ft 6in (around 2,300mm) and 8ft 10in wide (which is just under 2,500mm). That said, most are closer to the former than the latter for obvious reasons. The problem is that the average family hatchback comes in at around 5ft 9in or 1,800mm; and you still need to throw in extra space to open doors and get out.

Here’s how you can avoid low speed parking accidents and, just maybe, an eye-watering repair bill…

Take Your Time 

After circling around a car park for ten minutes, you’ve finally found a space. It’s a bit cramped and narrow, but it’ll do. Unfortunately, there’s a car behind you and the driver, for whatever reason, is feeling particularly impatient. A scenario like this can cause a variety of drivers, even the more experienced amongst them, to panic and rush the parking manoeuvre. The key here is to focus on the act of parking, to shut the other driver out of your mind. Within a few moments they’ll be on their way and will have forgotten about you; any damage to your car, however, is more long lasting.

Use In-Car Technology

A testament to the difficulty of parking is the sheer amount of technology being rolled out to make it easier. If your car comes with parking assist features, such as sensors or cameras, make use of them; they’re there for a reason. You should familiarise yourself with these features as soon as possible.


Mirrors and car parks are historic enemies, so it’s important to look after yours. Set them properly before setting out on a journey so you’ve got the best field of view that’s possible. Also, keep an eye on them when you’re squeezing into a tight spot. It’s also sensible to tuck them in once you’ve parked; this will help prevent other drivers from striking them.

Get An Appropriate Car

Cars are getting bigger, road and parking infrastructure isn’t. If you aren’t a particularly confident driver / parker, and you have no partiuclar reason to get a larger vehicle, make sure that you don’t get one. You might enjoy the height and status of an SUV, but these things will quickly become a burden if you can’t properly manoeuvre your car. Get a car that suits your needs and abilities.

Reverse Into Spaces

It can be a bit tricky for beginners, but reversing into spaces can make a lot of sense. In fact, many of the 1,000 low-speed accidents that take place each day are because of drivers reversing out of spaces blindly. It’s much, much easier to leave a parking space when you’re facing in the direction you’re driving. Get into the habit early on and it’ll become second nature.

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