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Here Are Some Of The Most Embarrassing Driving Mistakes

No driver is perfect and we all suffer from lapses in judgement. But some driving mistakes are more embarrassing than others…

Missing a One-Way Sign

Let’s face it, missing a one-way sign is probably one of the driving mistakes most of us have made; and it feels horrible. Half-way down a narrow street, you soon realise what you’ve done as an angry series of drivers start haranguing you. Even worst, you now (probably) need to reverse all the way back down an already tight street. For some drivers, even experienced ones, this is the stuff of nightmares.

Leaving the Petrol Cap Open

If you fill up your car’s tank quite regularly, the process of visiting a petrol station can become pretty automated. Lost in your thoughts, it’s easy to overlook some of the steps – one of which includes closing your petrol cap. This can be a rather embarrassing mistake, a source of amusement for anyone who might spot your error. But it also means that some of your fuel might evaporate, and the flapping cap may damage your car’s paint or bodywork.

Stalling your Car

Everyone can remember when they were a learner driver, regularly stalling their car and the sense of panic that’d come over them. What could be worse than being stuck at a green light, with a seemingly endless column of impatient drivers honking their horns at you? Even capable of drivers can stall their cars at times, but it never stops being a source of embarrassment for most of us.

Curbing a Tyre

Ok, as far as driving mistakes go, this might not be the most embarrassing of them. But depending on where you are, and how loud the noise is, curbing a tyre can make many a driver blush. Much more importantly, it’s an easy way of wearing your tyres out and damaging their sidewalls.

Filling up with the Wrong Fuel

Pretty high up on the embarrassment scale, filling up with the wrong fuel is a serious mistake for any motorist. Nevertheless, around 150,000 of us make it each and every year. It leaves a driver stranded on a petrol station forecourt – something that won’t endear them to the owners or other drivers waiting to get their fill. In addition, it can be a pricy mistake to rectify; especially if the driver starts the engine before realising what they’ve done.

Shunting the Car in Front 

Mistakes are even worst when they’re entirely our own fault. This is the case when shunting a vehicle that’s in front of you. What could be worse than colliding into another vehicle, even if at a relatively low speed? How will the victim react, and what comes next? Keep your eyes on the furthest part of the road and concentrate on other road-users to avoid embarrassing, and dangerous, collisions.

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