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Here Are Our New Year’s Resolutions For Motorists

It’s the start of another New Year which means, for millions of us, we’ll be doing our best to stick to our resolutions. But should we consider some for our driving? Here are our suggestions…

Escape The SUV Mania

Everyone’s buying SUVs. They’re massive, they’re polluting and they’re very, very popular. What was once an American trend has now spread out across Europe and beyond. The environmental impact is vast; if SUV drivers were a nation, they’d be ranked seventh for polluting emissions. In addition, every car manufacturer is now pouring out loads and loads of near enough identical SUVs. Variety is the spice of life, get a hatchback or a grand tourer; branch out!

Stick To Speed Limits

This is straight forward and really shouldn’t have to be on a resolutions list. Alas, lots of us speed and often (if is research is anything to go by). We know you’re busy, we know you want to get home after a hard day’s work. But we want you to get home in one piece and, indeed, every other road-user as well. Stick to speed limits, please.

Consider Going Electric

Ok, ok, this may not be feasible for you yet (although it certainly could be). The point is to assess your own situation and to determine how viable an electric car would be for you. More and more charging points are popping up and range is improving all of the time. There’s also far more choice in terms of models than there used to be. If you’re travelling the length and breadth of the nation on a weekly basis, you may not be ready. If you’re averaging 20 – 30 mile commutes, you probably are. Have an open-mind.

Be More Polite On The Road

We’re convinced that pleasantness is contagious. Someone smiles at you, you smile back. The same goes for our behaviour on the road. You can make someone’s day by giving way to them. So why not do it? You might become impatient with a learner or older driver, but you’ll have been in both pair of shoes one day, so be tolerant.

Drive Less (Seriously)

Why are you driving to the shops which are down the road? That’s not what a car is for, it’s a waste of fuel and it’s needlessly contributing to pollution and congestion. Shake off your walking shoes and, heaven forbid, give local transport a try. Cars are a means of transport, not an organising principle.

Don’t Hog The Middle Lane

Many motorists don’t seem to understand how motorways work. Unless you’re overtaking, you should be in the inside lane. Once you’ve overtaken, you should be working your way back into the inside of the motorway. Hogging a lane unnecessarily can land you with fines and police name and shaming, but it’s also dangerous and can irritate other motorists.

Make Sure To Indicate

If you don’t indicate, you’re a bad driver and a general irritant. Your behaviour is as dangerous as it is avoidable. Let other motorists and road-users know what you’re doing. Otherwise, look forward to someone lodging their bonnet into the back of your vehicle.

Avoid Tailgating People

There are few things on the road more stressful than being tailgated. In fact, it’s regularly cited as the greatest peeve of motorists. It’s obviously extremely dangerous and intimidating and there’s absolutely no excuse for doing it.

Turn Your Engine Off

Engine idling is the practice of leaving your engine running whilst parked. It’s both wasteful and polluting and causes a significant amount of harm around schools, hospitals and residential areas. A number of local authorities are clamping down on the phenomenon by issuing substantial fines to offenders. If you’re stationary for more than twenty seconds or so, turn your engine off; if only to spare your own fuel.

Never Double Park

What could be more enraging and needless than taking up two parking spaces? It’s the height of selfishness and ignorance; especially in an age where spaces are increasingly hard to come by. When you park, make sure your vehicle is within the lines and that space is spared either side of it.

Don’t Leave Your Dog

Every single summer dogs are seriously harmed or killed because their owners leave them unattended in sweltering cars. In the sun, our cars can reach staggering temperatures. Dogs lack sweat glands and, combined with coats of fur, have no way of coping. The same logic also applies to babies, young children and the elderly. Take care of the vulnerable, don’t leave them unattended and monitor their temperatures.

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