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Summer Heat: Here’s How You Can Protect Your Car

The UK is finally facing summer-like weather. Whilst this is ideal for holidaymakers and summer celebrants, the heat can wreak havoc on our cars. Here’s all the ways you can protect yours from the heat…


Your car’s battery is sensitive to pronounced temperatures, whether it’s excessive heat or cold. During a heatwave, battery life can be reduced as a result of fluids evaporating. Heat can also accelerate chemical reactions, causing the battery to overcharge. It’s good to look over your car’s battery during the summer months, ensuring that it’s free of corrosion and leaks. Keep it clear of any dirt or grim and ensure all cables are secured properly.


Hot days can affect the pressure in your car’s tyres. Heat can render the rubber softer and looser. That means it’s more easily torn or damaged; especially as far as sidewall damage is concerned. The air can effectively burst through the rubber when it becomes a weak barrier. Make sure to increase your tyres’ pressures by 3 – 5psi and inspect them more frequently whilst it’s hot.


Your car is always going to need coolant. It’ll need it the most during the summer months; especially if there’s a heatwave. No second-guesses for determining why. A lack of it is the number one cause of breakdowns when the temperature rises. Make sure yours is topped up and that you’re using a good-quality coolant. If your car is getting older it’s also a good idea to get a professional to check your car’s radiator, too.


One of the single most expensive repairs a car can receive is that of engine failure; especially if it’s caused by overheating. In fact, it can be so expensive that the costs are sometimes more expensive than the car itself! Your engine uses oil in order to stay cool and the heat will burn through this like there’s no tomorrow. This is why it’s so important to keep an eye on your oil-level and to top it up as required. If yours is old, drain it and replace it with a more heat-resistant standard.


Over the summer, you’ll use your air-conditioning…A lot. This naturally places a huge amount of strain on the system. Most motorists don’t realise just how complicated and technical their air-con is. If something goes wrong with any part of it, it can be challenging and costly to repair it. Compressor oil needs to be topped up and it needs to be kept free of dirt and debris. When your car is parked in sunlight, it basically becomes a sauna. Before turning on your AC, open your car’s windows and let some heat escape; this relieves it off pressure.

Belts And Hoses

Your car’s belts and hoses, just like the tyres, are made of rubber. During a heatwave, they become weaker and softer. This is far from ideal for components that are regularly exposed to friction and kinetic energy. Newer belts should be naturally sturdier, but if yours are getting older it’s important to inspect them for any signs of tears or excessive wear. Regular services should keep on top of this, but only physical checks can really ensure they’re functioning properly during summer.


A lot of drivers regard polishing their vehicle’s as a bit of a vanity project; something done solely to make our cars look good. This isn’t the case. A proper polish can help protect the paint and body work of your car. More importantly, polish can protect your car from excessive heat. Why? Because a layer of polish or wax will absorb some of the sun’s heat. So, if you do polish your car, make sure to do it during the summer months. Your car will look great and it’ll be better protected, too; it’s a win-win.

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