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Ford Drivers Will Get Parcels Delivered Directly To Their Cars

A new service, Ford Secure Delivery, will allow some owners of Ford models to have deliveries made directly to their cars…

Ford Secure Delivery 

A new service, launched in select parts of the UK, will see drivers of Ford models receive deliveries straight to their cars. The cars will, effectively, become safe places for Hermes drivers to leave packages in a ‘Secure Delivery to Vehicle’ pilot. There won’t be any additional costs or fees for the service, which Ford claims will be useful in times of social distancing.

The new approach to deliveries also comes on the back of an explosion in ecommerce transactions; with online orders now accounting for more than 30% of the total. It’s hoped that Ford Secure Delivery will also make it easier for drivers to reach their delivery destinations; such as people’s homes and places of work. This could help eliminate the so-called ‘last mile’, the hardest part of delivery drivers’ journeys. It also means packages won’t need to be hidden in bins or hidden behind fences.

How Does it Work? 

The new service will be available to FordPass subscribers. A select number of online retailers will be able to offer a ‘vehicle delivery’ option. Once a Hermes driver is within 300 metres of their destination, they’ll be alerted to the specific location of a Ford vehicle. Once they’re 50 metres away, they’ll receive a barcode that’ll allow them to unlock the vehicle. Should the delivery driver fail to lock the car afterwards, it’ll automatically lock itself sooner after having been unlocked.

If the car isn’t within 300 metres of a recipient’s address, or if the package is too large for the vehicle, it’ll be taken to their home instead. Mark Harvey, Ford of Europe’s enterprise connectivity director, commented on the new service. He said, “together with Hermes, we are looking at more secure and efficient ways to deliver parcels, to match the increasing demands coming from online purchases. Turning the vehicle into a delivery point is extremely convenient for the customer. It puts them in control, to ensure their parcel is where they want it”.

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