Five Ways You Can Save Money On A Brand New Car

Did you know that the price of a new car has risen by 38% in the last ten years alone? Here’s five ways you can save money on a new set of wheels…

Consider An Outgoing Model

When a new model is due to be released, its predecessor immediately loses demand and drops in value. Why? Because consumers are always being duped into buying the latest car in a line-up, even when it only possesses slightly altered features and design. Just because a car has been replaced doesn’t mean it’s not suitable or worth investing in. If you’re prepared to give up on having the latest model, you’ll save money.

Simply Downsize

Do you need a car that’s similar to, or ‘better’ than, the one you already have? There’s no point investing in a vehicle that has superfluous and therefore redundant features. If you’ve found that your current vehicle isn’t right for you then it might be worth downsizing. You can still get yourself something reliable, you’ll just be paying less for what you need rather than more for what you don’t.

Shop At The End Of The Month

If you’ve ever worked in sales or have had distinct KPIs, you know how important last-minute sells are. This is when businesses and salespeople are most likely to budge on prices and to haggle; they want to make money and commission after all. It’s therefore worth making enquires or offers at the end of the month rather than the start.

Don’t Be Afraid To Haggle

Generally speaking, salespeople aren’t going to offer discounts or special offers if they don’t think they need to. They resort to these when they think it’s a question of winning or losing your custom. If you nod and agree from the start, you’ll face the highest price they feel they can realistically set. In other words, you’ve got nothing to lose by haggling. Ask for a price reduction or extra throw-in, all they can say is ‘no’ at the very worst; in other words, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Use A Broker

If you don’t fancy the idea of haggling or researching yourself, you may want to look into using an online broker. A good broker is an expert at negotiating with dealerships and will potentially stand a better chance at realising the bulk of your wish list. To make things better, reputable brokers won’t even charge you; they’ll receive a modest payment from the dealership for referring you.

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