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Five Ways You Can Drive Safely Around Cyclists

There are more cyclists on the nation’s road network than ever before. Here’s how to drive safely around them…

Watch Out for Blind Spots

Drivers should make a habit of checking their mirrors, and watching their blind spots, in general. However, it’s especially important to do so when it comes to cyclists. They can easily be concealed by another vehicle and can be missed at junctions and on roundabouts. Keep your eyes open, especially in urban areas where there’s a lot to consider and to keep track of.

Understand their Signals

Cyclists use arm signals in order to make their intensions known, and you should familiarise yourself with them. That said, some cyclists may fail to properly use them (just as some drivers forget to indicate). You can, however, spot subtle cues when they’re about to make a manoeuvre. Looking over their shoulders, for instance, could imply that they’re about to take a turn or change a lane.

Remember the ‘Dutch Reach’

We should all be using the so-called Dutch Reach. This involves opening your car door with which ever arm is furthest away. As you do so, you should look over your shoulder to see if there’s an oncoming cyclist or pedestrian. Every year, cyclists collide with car doors as they’re opened quickly and without warning. Unfortunately, many of these incidents often lead to serious injuries and even deaths.

It’s All About Space

Cyclists need space. Why? Because they’re much, much more vulnerable than an occupant of a motor vehicle. Collisions, even at low speeds, can have devastating consequences. You should leave 1.5 metres between your vehicle and them when overtaking. Be especially vigilant in strong winds and when road surfaces are slippy.

Slow Down When Passing 

No matter how much space you leave, you should always try to pass cyclists at a reduced speed. Driving at higher speeds can be intimidating and will leave you with little time to react if the cyclist suddenly moves. You don’t have to treat them as though they’re as sensitive as horses, but try to be considerate when you pass them – and be patient.

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