Five Top Tips For Safely Maintaining Your Car’s Tyres

Your car’s tyres are the only thing separating you from the road. So it makes sense to look after them. Here’s five tips for making sure they last…

Ensure Your Tyres Have Enough Tread 

Tread depth is essential in ensuring your vehicle’s performance and safety. The legal minimum is 1.6mm, but it’s not advised that you go below 3mm. It’s tread depth, after all, that provides your tyres with grip. Going below the minimum won’t just ensure that your vehicle fails its MOT, it’s also illegal. You can use the ’20p test’ to ensure your tyres are legally compliant. Simply place a 20p coin in a tyre’s groove and see whether the outer band is visible or not. If it isn’t, you’re good to go. If it is, get it replaced.

Avoid Mounting The Kerb When Parking 

When parking on a street, it’s easy to scrape the kerb. However, if you repeatedly do this you can seriously damage the sidewalls of your tyres. This can lead to tears and bulges which, in the long-term, can lead to punctures. Be careful when parking and, if in doubt, use your mirror to see how close you are to the kerb. It also helps if you approach the kerb slowly.

Make Sure They’ve Got The Correct Air Pressures

Your tyres’ air pressures can have an impact on braking, handling and steering. Being under or overinflated can also increase fuel consumption and leave them susceptible to faster wear and tear. In extreme cases, the wrong air pressures could even cause a blowout; not something you want to experience whilst cruising down the motorway. You’ll find the correct air pressures for your car’s tyres listed in your owner’s manual. In addition, make sure to check them at least once a month.

Keep Your Wheels Properly Aligned 

Over time, you car’s wheels can lose their correct alignment. This can, in turn, cause problems for your tyres. As well as causing uneven wear, you’ll end up with less control of your vehicle and will burn through fuel at a faster rate. The next time you visit a garage, make sure your wheel’s alignment is checked and, if necessary, corrected.

Don’t Overload Your Car 

Overloading your car is a good way of damaging its suspension system, wasting fuel and ruining your tyres. The excess weight, placing more pressure on the tyres, will cause them to be exposed to excessive heat. That can lead to them exploding in the most extreme cases. Most tyres now include a label which state the maximum load they can take. Make sure to never exceed this. Bear in mind, if the label isn’t on the tyres, it may be on the placards on the door frames.

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