Everything You Need To Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Winter is fast approaching and it won’t be long until we’re all desperately trying to avoid skidding on black ice. It’s a tough time for drivers and almost certainly the most dangerous time of year for them. Unfortunately, as the nights get darker and the temperature lowers, our need to travel and commute remain unchanged. We’re forced, then, to prepare and adapt accordingly. Here are a few essential items for your car during the winter and how they can make your life easier. 

Keeping your windscreen clear of ice and snow is crucial

Ice Scraper And Deicer: One of the most tedious jobs we face as drivers during the winter is defrosting and deicing our cars. It means going out into the cold, turning on the car’s engine and standing around half-frozen lest someone pinch our beloved motors whilst the keys are in the ignition. There are, however, a number of products that make this process much quicker. An ice scraper is a great way of clearing your windows of solid ice that’s built up over night and, more importantly, it won’t damage anything as a makeshift utensil might. Deicer works perfectly in conjunction with a scraper, too.

Snow socks and chains can provide much more grip to your tyres

Snow Chains And Socks: Snow and tyres don’t tend to get on very well; the less said about ice the better. Effective driving is all about grip and it’s tricky business getting this in inclement weather. If you live off of the beaten track or know that you’ll only be travelling at low speeds, snow chains and socks might be perfect for your car. Chains are fairly heavy-duty and can only be used in thick snow as they can damage roads. These are perfect for getting off residential and country roads that may not receive the tender loving car from local authorities as other roads do. Socks offer less grip but are easier to fit to your cars tyres; they also won’t damage the roads. However, you’ll still have to drive at lower speeds.

Winter tyres allow snow and ice to pass through them more easily

Winter Tyres: If you’re looking for a more general increase in grip, winter tyres are more suitable than chains and socks. Winter tyres use a special tread design with larger gaps which allows snow and slush to pass through them more readily. As a result, they offer increased grip in comparison to regular tyres. They’re relatively affordable, too, so they shouldn’t break the bank. Whether you should consider them or not is largely based on the weather conditions you typically face and the amount of miles you cover during the winter months.

Brushing snow off of your car is important for your own safety as well as that of other drivers

Snow Brush: We can guarantee that every winter you’ll come across drivers in vehicles covered in large deposits of snow. Not only does this look ridiculous, it also poses a real danger. It can fall off and refreeze to the ground (possibly causing black ice) it can also dislodge in such a way that it strikes other cars and pedestrians. Always keep a snow brush to hand so that you can effectively clear your car of snow.

Keep your screen wash topped up over winter

Screen wash: Your windscreen is the centrepiece of your driving, if it’s obscured you’re left in the lurch. Screen wash is important all year round, but it’s especially important in winter time. Spray, dirt and grime are always prevalent after snowfall or a buildup of ice. Keeping your windscreen clear is imperative; keep topped up on screen wash.

Keep a shovel and other provisions in your car

Emergency Tools And Provisions: People brake down a lot in winter and it’s never a pleasant experience. Making sure you have the right kit to look after your vehicle, yourself and any passengers you’re carrying is crucial. Always make sure to carry a shovel, which will allow you to dig your car out of any excess build up of snow or dirt. Keep a high-visibility jacket in your car. This will prove useful if you have to leave your vehicle in the dark. A road atlas might also sound antiquated, but if your sat nav and phone lose their signal, you’ll be grateful for having it. Packing an emergency supply of water and long-life food is never a bad idea, either. Finally, consider packing a torch or head torch; you’ll need these to investigate a situation if you’ve broken down after dark.

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