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Driving Is Expensive, Here’s How To Reduce Your Car’s Running Costs

There’s no denying it, driving is expensive business. There are, however, some simple ways through which to slash your running costs…

Regularly Service Your Car

It may sound counter intuitive on the surface, but paying for regular service and maintenance work can save you money in the long-term. Getting professionals to consistently check over your vehicle will prevent serious, and therefore expensive, problems from emerging; making it a question of spending a little to save a lot. Some maintenance checks can be carried out at home, too, such as looking at the state of your car’s tyres and ensuring fluid levels are appropriate.

Adjust Your Driving Style

The way you drive can have an enormous impact on both fuel consumption and the state of your car’s parts and components. Harsh braking, needless acceleration and speeding will burn through needless amounts of fuel. They’ll also place significant strain on your vehicle’s tyres, suspension system and brakes. To keep costs down, drive smoothly and obey the Highway Code – the savings will add up in time.

Shop Around For Insurance 

There’s absolutely no reason to remain with a single insurance provider. Until recently they were able to effectively impose a ‘loyalty tax’, ramping up premiums in order to exploit idle consumers. Whilst this is now illegal, you’ll still benefit from assessing your options. When your car insurance is due to expire / renew, get at least three quotes in order to gauge what’s currently on offer and to keep your costs down.

Don’t Waste Your Fuel

There are all sorts of ways you can needlessly waste your fuel. As we’ve already mentioned, your driving style can have a significant impact, so it’s best to keep things smooth when out on the road. But you can also waste it by needlessly weighing down your car; so remove unnecessary items when possible. In addition, plan your journeys in advance in order to dodge longer trips, traffic and road works. Over the course of your driving ‘career’, it might also make sense to prioritise fuel economy when choosing your vehicles.

Drive When Necessary 

It may sound obvious, but you can slash your car’s running costs by simply avoiding unnecessary journeys. Do you really need to get behind the wheel when popping to the local shop? Could a trip into town be cheaper if you use a bus or simply walk? Cutting back on journeys will conserve fuel for when you really need it and reduce your car’s wear and tear.

Consider Ownership Options 

It’s important to consider your options as a consumer when getting your hands on a vehicle. Is it better for you to buy a car, and if so outright or via finance? Would you be better off leasing or renting? Do you need a brand-new car, or would a used model be more appropriate? In addition, what sort of model do you really need? Think about how often you drive, under what circumstances and where. Factor these things in a get a car that possesses actual utility if you want to cut down on your running costs – only pay for what you need.

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