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Driving In The Dark? Here’s How To Do It Safely

As we approach winter, drivers will once again find themselves driving in the dark. Here’s a few things to bear in mind in order to keep yourself safe…

Keep A Good Distance

When visibility is reduced, as it often is when driving in the dark, it can be harder to judge distance. In which case, it’s always best to play it safe. Leave plenty of distance between yourself and other road-users. This will give you more time to react and adapt should something happen on the road.

Take Things Slowly

If you find yourself struggling to make out road markings or signs, you should reduce your speed. This naturally gives you more time to assess a situation and means your vehicle poses less of a risk. If you still find yourself struggling, consider pulling over (when it’s safe to do so). You may need to adjust your lights or find a better route.

Let Your Eyes Adjust

Don’t just jump in your car and race off in the dark. If you’re leaving a well-lit building, for instance, your eyes may need time to adjust. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it’s important that you make sure they’re up to the task of driving in darker conditions, too.

Consider Anti-Glare Lenses

Many drivers require glasses or contact lenses but, unfortunately, they can cause glare issues. In which case, it might be wise to in anti-glare alternatives. Whilst they can be a little more expensive, you should never count the pennies when it comes to your own safety.

Check Your Lights

Naturally, your car’s lights are extremely important when it comes driving in the dark. In which case, it’s crucial that you regularly check them during the darker months. Ensure that they function properly and that they haven’t dimmed. You should also check them for any damage or debris.

Don’t Dazzle Other Drivers

Whilst you need to be visible to other road-users in darker conditions, you don’t want to pose a danger to them. Adjust your beam when you encounter oncoming traffic in order to avoid dazzling other drivers.

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