Driving Annoyances: These Are The Top 20 Things That Irritate Motorists

A new survey has shed light on the the nation’s biggest driving annoyances. From potholes to tailgating, to cyclists and speed bumps, there’s a lot motorists aren’t happy about…

Pothole Peeves 

Tarmac surveyed 2,000 drivers and road-users to determine what the nation’s biggest driving annoyances were. It discovered that potholes represent our biggest bugbear, with 8 out of ten road-users saying they have to navigate them on every journey they take. The worst affected areas were found to be Glasgow and Manchester; with 9 out of 10 residents of the former claiming they have to navigate potholes every day. According to Tarmac’s research, 43% of drivers have had their car damaged by poorly maintained road surfaces and potholes. Damage usually took the form of a burst tyre (44%) or a damaged wheel (36%).

Paul Fleetham, managing director of contracting at Tarmac, stressed the seriousness of potholes. He said, “Potholes may seem like a minor problem – but they cause millions of people financial and physical damage each year”. He added, “we need to move to a longer-term proactive approach to funding that focuses on the social value of our roads, managing the network as a vital asset with proper preventative structural maintenance”.

…But That’s Not All

But potholes are just one of many complaints drivers and road-users have. The research discovered widespread frustration with drivers who don’t signal, tailgating and road works; these took 2nd, 3rd and fourth place on the top 20 driving annoyances. Close behind were cyclists, people who use their phones whilst driving and drivers who haphazardly weave in and out of lanes. We think frustration with cyclists is unfair and surprising; especially given that more respondents cited them than the likes of speed cameras and finding somewhere to park! It illustrates that the frequency of encounters can outweigh more dangerous and pressing occurrences on the nation’s roads.

Either way, many of the driving annoyances on Tarmac’s list are caused by poor driving. We can’t dispense with potholes and road works. But we can ensure that we signal properly, don’t tailgate other drivers and stick to speed limits. When we drive safely and obey the Highway Code, driving is easier, safer and less stressful.

The Top 20 Driving Annoyances

1) Potholes
2) Drivers who don’t signal
3) Tailgaters
4) Road works
5) Cyclists
6) People who use their phones and drive
7) Drivers who weave in and out of lanes
8) Finding somewhere to park
9) Speed bumps
10) Middle lane hogs
11) Getting stuck behind a slow moving vehicle
12) Speed cameras
13) Roundabouts
14) Busy junctions
15) Under-takers
16) Lane closures
17) Breaking down
18) Narrow roads
19) Horses
20) Diversions

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