Drivers Are Unaware That Their Driving Style Can Harm The Environment

Research has revealed that millions of British drivers are unaware of the fact that their driving style can have an impact on the environment…

Driving Styles And The Environment 

Millions of Brits are insistent that they won’t change their driving styles, even if it’s to help the environment. That’s according to a survey from telematics company Lightfoot. Moreover, apathy gets worse the further northwards you go. Only 1 in 4 Scottish drivers and 1 in 5 drivers in the North East are willing to make a change. Even more of a concern is the fact that more than half of all 25 – 34 year-olds aren’t aware that their driving styles have an impact on the environment and their fuel economy.

Some 69% of respondents said that they couldn’t identify driving behaviours that produce excess emissions. A further 55% were unaware that heavy braking and excessive use of air conditioning can be harmful. Incredibly, 7 out of 10 of the respondents were entirely ignorant of the fact that start-stop systems were designed to save fuel.

Mark Roberts, CEO and Founder of Lightfoot, commented on the research. He said, “a good driver can be 20%  more efficient than a bad driver. In the short term, not driving is not an option for everyone. We need to extend our green thinking to our driving style and make a real impact in reducing our emissions through better driving”.

What Drivers Can Do To Help

Not everyone can surrender their car or adopt an electric model (which still produce emissions via their tyres and suspension systems). What every driver can do, however, is change the way they drive. The most important thing is to avoid heavy braking by avoiding excessive speeding and paying attention to developments on the road. In addition, drivers should avoid harsh acceleration – gently moving from a stationary position instead of excessively revving the engine. Approaching corners and manoeuvres at reduced speeds can also prevent tyre wear. Worn tyres release deadly microplastics into the air.

Changing the way we drive is important in improving air quality and protecting the environment. Given that we’re rapidly approaching a Climate Crisis, this is enormously important. However, adapting the way we drive entails other benefits, too. First all, it’ll save use money by conserving fuel and reducing the wear and tear our cars face. In addition, the University of Bath claims that insurers and brokers report gentler driving styles reduce accident rates by as much as 80%!

The question really has to be asked, then, why wouldn’t anyone adapt their driving style; given the enormous benefits on offer for society and individual drivers?

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