Here’s What To Do If You Dent Someone’s Car

Sooner or later, most drivers will accidentally dent or scratch someone’s car. But it’s easily done as cars get bigger and parking spaces remain tight and constricted. What’s important is that you don’t panic and you do the responsible thing…

Doing The Right Thing 

Imagine this. You’ve just pulled in at a supermarket car park. It’s busy and there aren’t many spaces. You finally spot one and ease your car into a spot. Not thinking, you swing your door open only to feel it suddenly come into contact with the car next to you. you’ve made a dent and scratched its door and feel a wave of panic wash over you. It’s at this point that you’re probably tempted to put your key back into the ignition and drive away as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that’s what very many motorists do. But employ a bit of empathy. Imagine how you’d feel if you discovered your car had been struck, damaged and then left by the person responsible; you’d probably feel angry and powerless.

For many accidents, drivers are required by law to provide other affected persons with their personal details (address and insurance) and notify the police. For small scratches and dents, however, the police don’t need to be informed. You should leave your contact details in note form on the affected vehicle. Many public car parks utilise extensive CCTV, so you may find yourself in a world of trouble if you simply flee the scene anyway; it could even lead to criminal charges!

It’s All About The Details

For your own sake, it’s also good to take notes and photos of the surrounding area and the damage caused. Icy conditions or poor road surfaces can all be mitigating factors, after all. Photos will also prevent the owner of the other vehicle extending responsibility to any damage that may have already been present, too. Your insurance company will appreciate all the detail you can provide of the incident.

Put Things Into Perspective

No one wants the stress that ensues after damaging someone’s car. We worry about how they might react, who they might be and of the potential costs. But minor accidents like this are a fact of life for motorists and occur every single day. Whilst no one will be pleased to discover their car is scratched or dented, they will be a lot happier to stumble across someone who has admitted their mistake and taken ownership of it than someone who’s fled the scene. Do the right thing and don’t take any needless chances. If not for ethics, do it simply to avoid getting prosecuted over a dent!

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