Defrosting: All Of The Dos And Don’ts You Need To Know

Winter is rapidly approaching which, for car owners, means they’ll soon be participating in the dreaded defrosting ritual. Standing around in the dark and cold whilst waiting for a our cars to defrost is never fun; but it’s even worse when we manage to crack our windscreens…

The Dos Of Defrosting

If you look for defrosting tips online, you’ll quickly discover that literally everyone thinks they have the best (and usually quickest) method. Indeed, if you can imagine it, someone has probably tried it; everything from using a hair dryer to putting warm water in a plastic back and dragging it across the surface of car windows and mirrors. Frankly, this kind of innovation is amusing to watch and if it works, it works. But we prefer the tried and tested ways, the methods that won’t cause your neighbours to attempt to section you.

The key to defrosting your car is not to rush, so give yourself a bit of extra time when the frost starts to set in. In this sense, it’s sometimes worth applying deicer to your car in the evening to offer some protection overnight. When morning comes, start your car and turn on the heater. Invest in a proper deicer and scraper. Use these in conjunction to scrape away excess ice and snow; using something like a credit card (more popular than you think) can scratch surfaces. Deicers are widely available in petrol stations and retailers. Alternatively, you can create your own by creating a solution of 1 / 3 water and 2 /3 rubbing alcohol; you can even leave this in your car as it’ll never freeze. Simply spray the solution over icy surfaces and watch it instantly clear; for bigger deposits of ice and snow, it’ll help make it easier to scrape away.

…And The Don’ts Of Defrosting 

You’ve probably heard that you should never use boiling or warm water in order to defrost a car. The reason for this is that, in some cases, a drastic change in temperature can crack and even shatter surfaces. Frankly, modern windscreens are exceptionally tough and durable. They’ll never get on with boiling water, but warm water from the tap is unlikely to cause problems; especially if it’s been left to stand for a minute. You know your car and what you’re comfortable with, but if you do choose to use this method, use only a small amount and then apply the windscreen wipers and heater to clear it (it’ll only freeze again otherwise). When you turn the ignition and the heater on, make sure to stay with your car. Every winter hundreds of cars are stolen by opportunistic thieves; insurance companies won’t humour you and the police will be incredibly unimpressed.

Another thing worth bearing in mind is snow. You obviously need to ensure your windscreen and mirrors are clear and offer good visibility before taking to the roads. But some drivers elect to leave their cars, usually the roofs, covered in thick deposits of snow. This can be exceptionally dangerous, distracting other drivers should it become loose and even blocking your visibility once you begin moving. So make sure you brush it all off!

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