Debunking Electric Car Myths

Electric cars currently make up about 1% of all cars on the roads in the UK. Despite this tiny figure, they’re expected to become increasingly popular over coming years. However, consumer confidence is still rather low and this is often due to common misconceptions than genuine concerns. Here are the top myths surrounding electric cars and what the truth really means…

Electric Cars Are Too Expensive: Many drivers are under the impression that electric cars or vehicles are significantly more expensive than diesel or petrol equivalents; this isn’t the case. Whilst there are expensive electric cars, like Tesla’s Model X (£80,000), there are others that are perfectly affordable for the typical motorist. The Nissan Leaf, for instance, costs £29,000 if the plug-in car grant is taken into consideration. It’d cost about £10 to travel 1,000 miles in the Leaf, whereas it’d cost £150 in a Ford Focus to cover the same. So, ever when the initial cost is higher a driver can save a significant amount in the long-term.

Range Anxiety Is Too Problematic: It’s certainly true that charging infrastructure has a long, long way to go in the UK. As it stands, there are around 18,000 EV charging points and analysts believe the country will need three million by 2040. That said, the range of EVs has increased considerably over recent years and continues to do so. Many EVs have ranges in excess of 150 miles and, as the typical car journey is 15 miles, this means they’re perfectly capable of getting people to where they want to be in most situations; especially for commuters or people with a school-run.

There Aren’t Many To Choose From: This used to be the case, and it’s arguably still the case for commercial vehicles. However, as demand for electric cars has increased throughout the world so too have the model lines. There are around 17 pure electric cars available to consumers in the UK.

They Take To Long To Charge: Over 80% of motorway service stations now boast rapid charging points. Many of these can fully charge a vehicle in about 40 minutes, which is the perfect length of time to stretch your legs, use the restrooms and get a bite to eat. In addition, Tesla is unveiling supercharger technology that promises to charge at a rate of 120 kW.

Electric Cars Are Too Slow: Not only are electric cars just as quick as many petrol and diesel alternatives, they can often be quicker. For instance, a lower-priced variant of the Nissan Leaf can manage 0 – 60 in 7.4 seconds. In addition, the Tesla Model S can accomplish it in 2.28 seconds! Needless to say, driving an electric car isn’t going to slow you down; it’s more likely to speed you up thanks to powerful acceleration.

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