Dacia is building ‘shockingly affordable’ electric cars, here’s when you can buy one

With the latest news suggesting a majority of consumers can’t afford to “go green”, this latest revelation could have a significant impact on the future of electric cars. DACIA has recently confirmed that it will be looking to manufacturer electric cars in the UK and plans to retain its brand ethos of being cheap. This will no doubt put pressure on other manufacturers to deliver cost efficient electric vehicles in order to encourage consumers to make the switch.

Currently in the UK, Dacia manufacturers the cheapest new car money can buy. The budget Romanian car brand has stated that it does not want to change its position in the market when it moves to electric car travel. To achieve its lofty goals Dacia will use the Renault-Nissan Alliance to develop affordable EVs. The Alliance group plans to launch 12 new all-electric cars by 2022, but there is no confirmation about how many of these will be for Dacia.

Dacia’s European chairman Jean Christophe Kugler told Auto Express that the brand will evaluate the resources available to them and then make decisions based on the demands of its customers. “We will remain shockingly affordable. “We won’t change our brand territory. “We will benefit from the Alliance strength and the proven technology – so we can fit that to a Dacia. “We have all the [electric] technology ready and on the shelf. “Being part of the bigger Alliance means when we need a technology, we have it. We don’t have to negotiate.”

Currently, however, there is no timeline on when these cars will enter production but Kugler hinted that it could be between “three or four years.” The reason for this is because currently as electric cars are in relative infancy, the technology is still more expensive to manufacturer. Car manufacturers also have to work out kinks in production that can prove to be costly, to learn how to cheaply and more efficiently manufacture a cheap vehicle.  “We look at when it will be affordable. We stick to our business model and when it is ready and when there is a request we will plug it.” Dacia will likely look to its siblings to learn about EV production, namely the Renault ZOE, which is the best selling electric car in Europe.

It is likely that Dacia would follow the model of the less powerful ZOE which produces 100 miles of range from its 22kWh battery instead of the 180 miles of range the 41kwh battery produces.  While range in the band of 100 miles may not be suitable for everyone it would certainly be popular for a large majority and with an attractive price point it could be a game changer. The Dacia Sandero costs from £5,185 in the UK to buy and while we don’t think the EV will be that cheap, it could be sub-£10K which would be incredible.

So whilst we continue to ponder whether the switch to electric is cost effective, it may be worth considering the right time. As electric cars are in relative infancy, they are bound to be the more expensive alternative vehicle in these early days. But the future is clear, and whilst it may not be right now, it will be eventually.

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