Councils Want More Powers To Tackle Lorry Mayhem

Councils want more powers to tackle so-called lorry mayhem. This is to stop the vehicles from causing “havoc” in towns and villages, where they’re often driven on unsuitable roads…

Lorry Mayhem

At some stage every motorist finds themselves stuck behind a lorry, on a road that is completely unsuitable for HGVs. It’s exceptionally frustrating and, in many cases, dangerous. But now councils have asked the government for increased powers with which to clamp down on the ‘mayhem’ they cause. The call comes from the Local Government Association (LGA) and follows a series of accidents across the country. Many of these have involved HGVs crashing into bridges that are too low or blocking roads that are too narrow for them to pass. In most cases, the drivers had simply chosen to ignore visible warnings and instructions. A railway bridge in Cambridgeshire has been struck 120 times in the last ten years. In addition, a village in Kent had been cut off for two days in a row after two drivers ended up blocking the local roads.

Targeting Offenders 

Martin Tett, transport spokesperson for the LGA, wants additional powers for councils so that they can target offenders. Suggesting local authorities were on the side of motorists, he stated that minimising disruption was a priority. He said, “the spate of accidents we have seen involving lorries blocking streets, damaging local areas and crashing into bridges on an all too regular basis shows that action needs to be taken by Government in the upcoming spending round”. He drew attention to the fact that such powers were already held by authorities in London and Wales; suggesting it was time for those in England to receive them same. He added that the powers “would also help councils unblock congestion hotspots that delay buses, lengthen journey times and reduce pollution from stationary and slow-moving traffic, and help cyclists ride more safely”.

Whilst new powers make sense, there’s little benefit unless they’re accompanied by an appropriate level of enforcement. Motorists have faced a range of tough legislation over recent years, but there’s little evidence that it’s caused a change in behaviour; in some cases, offences have gotten worse. What is clear, however, is that there are rising problems with HGVs utilising parts of the road network that are completely inappropriate for the vehicles. Perhaps it’s time to focus on where the vehicles actually belong and where they should be used in general?

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