Car Shipping: Everything You Need To Know To Get It Right

There are all sorts of reasons you might decide to ship your car abroad. But whatever your reasons, there are a plethora of things that can go wrong. Here’s what you need to know…

Car Shipping Is Inherently Risky 

There’s no point beating about the bush, car shipping is risky business. Have you ever received a damaged package in the mail? Transporting small items over short differences can be tricky. Imagine, then, transporting something as big and relatively delicate as a car over potentially thousands of miles. Your beloved motor can be damaged, misplaced (perhaps even lost), altered, tampered with and even stolen. Which is why it’s exceptionally important to plan meticulously before you commit to anything.

Read Reviews And Then Read Them Again 

Before you ship your car to the other side of the planet, it makes sense to find a transport company you can trust. Why would you risk what is, most likely, the second biggest investment of your life after a property? Make sure to read the reviews of any shipping company you’re considering. Consider how reliable they are, how effective they are at communicating with their customers and whether they’re properly regulated.

Don’t Pay A Deposit

If a transport company expects a deposit, you should regard the request as a major red flag. A professional and reliable shipping firm won’t require one, they’ll take payment once the job has been completed and to your satisfaction. In other words, why do they need a deposit if they’re going to get things right? The answer is they don’t if they’re worth your time.

It’s Not All About Price

Shipping is a competitive and demanding industry; which is why it’s often so expensive, especially when it comes to cars. So it’s not surprising that many people want to get a competitive quote for their cars. However, you should never prioritise cost when it comes to making your decision. Certainly, it pays to look for something competitive, but it’s not the primary consideration. Instead, it’s getting your car to its intended destination in one piece. If a firm is offering prices that seem too good to be true, it’s probably because they are. They’ll be cutting corners somewhere.

You’ll Definitely Need Insurance

If you’re putting your car on a vast cargo ship, tackling thousands of miles of open sea, you need the appropriate insurance. In fact, there probably isn’t a more obvious situation in which you need it. Many normal providers won’t cover car shipping, so you’ll need to find something specific in most cases. Make sure it’s with a reputable firm, that you read the terms and conditions and that the full value of your vehicle is covered.

Effectively Communicate Your Scheduling Needs

Let’s say you’re shipping a car to Australia, why might you do this? Maybe it’s got sentimental value, maybe it’s a gift or perhaps you’ve simply sold it to someone. Either way, you probably want it to get there for a certain time. You don’t want it rotting at a dock indefinitely. When you choose a shipping company, make sure you make your scheduling needs known and that the company can work around them. Otherwise, you’re at the firm’s mercy and discretion.

Prepare Your Car For  A Lengthy Journey 

Once you’ve chosen a respectable shipping firm, you’ll need to prepare your car for the conditions it’s due to face. Someone is going to need to drive it, so make sure it’s fuel tank is full; or, if it’s an EV, make sure it’s fully charged. Most transport companies will charge significant sums if they need to go out of their way in making your vehicle functional. Top up your other fluids, too, including oil levels, windscreen wash and anti-freeze. A good polish will also help protect the paint and bodywork. Leave the owner’s manual somewhere that’s accessible, in case the company needs to consult it. Ensure that any pre-existing damage is documented, recorded and properly communicated. If your car has any novel features, make sure the company is aware of them.

The Details Of Delivery

Once your car has been shipped to its destination, it’ll probably need to be picked up by a separate trucking company (unless you can attend to it yourself). In this case, make sure the trucking company inspects it properly for any damage and that everything is as it should be. If anything’s amiss, make sure to report it as soon as possible.

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