Car Accidents: Where You’re Most Likely To Have One

Car accidents are anything but rare. Whilst they’ve declined over the years, five people still die as a result of them every single days. But where are you most likely to find yourself in one?

Highest Risk 

Where are you most likely to find yourself in a car accident? The temptation is to instantly think of major A-roads and motorways; which boast the highest speed limits. But the reality is quite different. The majority of car accidents take place on roads with a speed limit of 30 mph or less. You’re also more likely to have one on a rural road than in a built-up environment. Perhaps the most surprising fact of all is that you’re also far more at risk close to home; with most crashes and collisions taking place on the roads we’re familiar with, within a 25-mile radius of our homes. It’s also been established that Fridays are often the most dangerous for drivers (perhaps we’re too focused on the weekend?). In addition, the most dangerous times are during the late afternoon; when we’re tired and often on our way home after a long day’s work.

What’s Going On?

That these figures may seem surprising is, itself, difficult to explain. Whilst motorways see us driving at very high speeds, they’re some of the safest roads in the country. After all, they involve travelling in a straight line on some of the best maintained surfaces you can find. There’s practically no need to make manoeuvres and (barring exceptionally rare cases) everyone is travelling in the same direction. It’s been theorised that we let our guards down whilst travelling at reduced speeds; we instinctively associate them with reduced risk. As a consequence, we can find ourselves daydreaming and distracted by an increasing range of impressive, in-car tech.

Whilst we may never know precisely why we’re more likely to have car accidents on certain roads and times of day, we can take precautions. If we find our concentration slipping in the afternoon, it may simply be a sign that we need more sleep. Should rural roads cause us to lose concentration, it might just be a question of being extra vigilant around those tight corners. Should you find yourself struggling, remember that 60% of road deaths took place on country roads in 2017! Don’t let idyllic scenery create a false sense of security. The same reasoning applies to our local roads. Just because we’re familiar with them doesn’t mean we should become complacent.

The Top Ten Causes Of Car Accidents (Some May Surprise You):

Rising Car Costs Linked To Car Crashes, According To Research:

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