Bad Drivers: These Are The Top Ten Worst Things They Love Doing

As a general rule, most drivers obey the rules of the road. But some think the Highway Code is just a matter of opinion. These are the top ten worst things bad drivers do…

Double Parking / Bad Parking 

Next time you visit a car park (of any description) take a look at the lines on the ground. Those mark parking spaces – your vehicle should sit comfortably between them and not rest on top of them. It’s a simple concept but an incredible amount of bad drivers choose to ignore them entirely. In addition, many of them love leaving their cars in the middle of narrow roads, at the end of junctions or in front of your driveway.

Using A Phone At The Wheel

Have you ever tried driving with a blindfold on? Probably not. But millions of drivers text, make calls and otherwise play on their phones whilst behind the wheel; which is practically the same thing. Which is probably why the behaviour causes an enormous amount of accidents and fatalities every year. Your Facebook notifications aren’t as important as another person’s life, if you needed reminding.

Middle-Lane Hogging 

Bad drivers are under the impression that motorway lanes are to be used at a driver’s discretion. They’re not. The inside lane is the lane – the standard, the go-to, the place you should be spending most of your time. All of the others exist solely for purposes of overtaking. Middle-lane hogging is exceptionally frustrating, but the same applies to any other outside lane.


Some drivers are absolutely determined to get as close to the car in front of them as is humanely possible. We’re not sure why, it might be because they have an unhealthy obsession with rear registration plates. Regardless, tailgating is extremely dangerous and a sure way of intimidating other drivers. Sure, some drivers (see above) may use lanes incorrectly or drive too slowly. But that’s not a call to cause a major accident on the M6.


The Highway Code states “do not overtake on the left or move to a lane on your left to overtake”. Why? Because undertaking is extremely dangerous and, in most instances, completely unnecessary. There may be a few exceptions, such as dodging a stationary object. Generally speaking though, undertakers are just bad drivers who want to travel at extreme speeds due to a profound lack of patience.

Failing To Indicate 

We’re not sure who’s the worst driver – the driver who doesn’t indicate at all or the driver who indicates two-thirds of the way through a manoeuvre. After all, the former could be wholly ignorant whereas the latter is simply lazy. Regardless, you need to indicate when you change lanes, exit a roundabout, make a turn in the road…You get the picture. In addition, you need to indicate in good time. Hit the switch a few moments before moving your vehicle and flick it back off once you’re done. Simple.

Too Much Hesitation 

Bad drivers are often impatient, but they can also be prone to too much hesitation. Drivers should always be alert and informed of what’s going on around them. But being too indecisive can say more about a driver’s ability than their desire to be safe. Sitting around at a green light, failing to enter a roundabout or new lane after extended periods, these are a signs that a driver lacks the confidence required to contend with the road network. In which case, a few more lessons or an extended driving course might be the best course of action.

Overtaking Phobia 

Some drivers have a phobia of overtaking. We don’t mean they can’t or won’t overtake, we mean they take terrible offence at drivers who attempt to overtake them – regardless of whether the reason is legitimate or not. They’ll travel at 60mph on the motorway and suddenly surge to 80mph when you attempt to overtake them. They’ll race you at lights and, in some instances, even block you from entering a different lane. We suggest you stay clear of them and their delicate egos.

Rolling In Traffic 

When a light is red, or traffic has come to a stop, your handbrake calls out ‘use me!’ Rolling at 0.2mph, with the clutch half-compressed, is a good way of wearing out your car’s fundamentals. Moreover, it’s also a sure way of irritating the driver behind you who has no idea what’s going on. Don’t be lazy, don’t roll indefinitely, don’t be a bad driver.

Jumping Red Lights

Britain has thousands of drivers who, if they add even a minute to their journeys, risk losing their entire livelihoods, friends and loved ones. Which is why so many of them insist on jumping red lights or ‘amber gambling’. Or, just maybe, they’re extremely impatient and are willing to endanger themselves and others rather than putting their cars into neutral for a brief moment. There are only three colours on traffic lights. It’s the green one that means ‘go for it’.

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