A ‘Try Before You Buy’ EV Scheme Is Set To Launch In UK Cities

A new ‘try before you buy’ EV scheme wants to give motorists a way of experiencing zero-emission driving. It aims to become a ‘blueprint’ for the adoption of electric vehicles…

Try Before You Buy

Following a successful trial in Nottingham, a try before you buy EV scheme is being rolled out in the nation’s cities. Public organisations and local businesses are being invited to experience an electric van or car for 30 days. Models include the likes of the Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona Electric. Over the last 18 months, 52 organisations have taken on 72 EV loans; resulting in 20 of them being adopted. The EV scheme was first taken on by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. It trialled Renault Kangoo and Nissan e-NV200 models, with staff warming to the latter. As a result, the Trust now operates two of them and is considering adding another 40 electric vans to its pool of vehicles.

The EV scheme was led by the Nottingham ULEV Experience project and funded via Nottingham City Council’s Go Ultra Low project. The vehicles themselves were supplied by the leasing company DriveElectric. Similar schemes could be rolled out in the near future; especially in cities than plan to introduce Clean Air Zones, like Leeds and Birmingham.

Mike Potter, managing director of DriveElectric, spoke of the difficulty in experiencing electric vehicles without making a purchase outright. He said, “most organisations need to experience electric vehicles before making a decision to purchase. Fully-funded month-long EV loans are not readily available through dealerships, manufacturers or any other source”. He added, “therefore the ‘try before you buy’ EV loans provided by the ULEV Experience have been extremely valuable in filling a gap in the market not offered elsewhere”.

But What About Private Drivers?

The EV scheme in Nottingham was a relatively small one, but it certainly experienced positive results. But it concerned only private businesses and public bodies. Whilst both of these will undoubtedly play a big role in promoting electric vehicles, individual consumers could surely benefit from something similar. Whilst there are around 35 million vehicles on the nations roads, it’s unlikely that any more than a small percentage of motorists have ever set foot in an EV; let alone having driven one. But driving an electric vehicle, and for an extended period, is probably the best way of winning people over.

Electric cars are exceptionally quiet, providing drivers and passengers with significant comfort. They benefit from rapid acceleration and responsiveness. In addition, they’re nearly always cheaper to run and maintain than diesel or petrol equivalents. Getting used to the charging process, and using charging infrastructure, can also help dispel fears concerning ‘range anxiety’.

It begs the question, then, why legacy automakers (struggling with electrification) aren’t doing more to get motorists in them; experiencing their benefits outright. Whilst it’d certainly be new territory for dealers and manufactures, the world of electric motoring is in general. With try before you buy schemes, they just might win the customers they desperately need.

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