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A Million Londoners Could Switch To Car Clubs

New research suggests that up to a million Londoners could use car clubs, drastically reducing emissions in the city…

Accessible Car Clubs

New research, conducted by transport charity Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK), suggests up to a million Londoners could ditch their private vehicles for car clubs. Not only would this cut the number of vehicles on local roads, making traffic lighter, it’d also help to significantly reduce emissions in the capital. Specifically, the research suggests that 650,000 households could dispense with private vehicles, which is equivalent to 1,105,000 residents.

As it stands, there are 623,910 people sharing 3,482 vehicles in London via the use of car clubs. With the figure having doubled in 2019. If CoMoUK’s research was acted upon, it’d mean that there would be around 300,000 fewer cars on London’s road network. Some 194,000 of these would be more polluting vehicles, too, which don’t comply with the city’s ultra-low emission zone. Whilst London is known for its public transport, whether because of the tube or its iconic red buses, there are 2.7 million private motor vehicles in the city; making them the most popular form of transport by a wide margin.

‘Huge Benefits’ 

Richard Dilks, chief executive of CoMoUK, commented on the research. He said, “London has strong ambitions to cut its transport emissions but faces equally strong challenges in doing so. Our analysis found 650,000 households in London could give up a privately-owned car, with huge benefits for everyone in the city”.

He added, “as London emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic into a changed world, car clubs and other shared transport options should be a permanent and integrated part of the options”.

Naturally, the research might entail similar situations in other major British cities; meaning that the potential for car clubs, especially in reducing emissions and improving air quality, could be enormously significant in the long-term.

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