30% Of Drivers Have Witnessed A Physical Assault In The Last Year

No driver is immune from road rage. Whether it’s venting at congestion or inconsiderate drivers, we all have something that grinds our gears. But some lose all sense of proportion. Which is why 30% of us have witnessed a physical assault in the last year alone…

Going Mad Max

The RAC has revealed that three in ten drivers have witnessed a road rage-induced assault in the last year alone. As a part of its Report On Motoring, it surveyed 1,753 motorists and found that 30% had witnessed physical confrontations whilst behind the wheel. Just shy of half of them have also experienced expletives and verbal abuse. In addition, a worrying 60% of drivers feel that these incidents are now more common than they were ten years ago. 36% of drivers also expressed the view that hostile and aggressive behaviour was their top motoring-related concern; exceeding the likes of mobile phone usage, dodging red lights and even tailgating.

Simon Williams. a spokesman for the RAC, has said that driving concerns are more widely reported than ever before. He said, “all the fears associated with the behaviour of other drivers on the road have never featured as highly in our research as top motoring concerns as they have this year. This is primarily due to double the proportion of people ranking the aggressive behaviour of other drivers as their top concern this year”.

Keeping Cool

There are all sorts of things we can do to stay calm on the road. But we can’t stop other drivers from losing their cool. If you attract the ire of another driver (regardless of the circumstances), it’s crucial that you don’t escalate the situation. Never respond to anti-social behaviour with anti-social behaviour. Avoid abusive language, rude gestures and aggressive driving manoeuvres. Don’t attempt to pursue or keep up with an aggressive driver. If worst comes to worst and you find yourself being pursued, lock your car’s doors and head to the nearest police station; or at least a public place in which assistance can be sought. Generally speaking, this sort of behaviour remains exceptionally rare. But you never know who’s behind the wheel of another car or how they’ll react to your decisions and reactions. No driving incident is worth getting assaulted over, so keep yourself safe and out of trouble!

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