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What Is Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance?

It’s likely we’ve all been there… that notable “rumble” or the alarm on the dashboard alerting you to the fact you have a flat tyre. What’s gone wrong now? How badly damaged is the tyre? Is it going to be repairable or will you have to suffer the expense of a whole new tyre? Moreover, what if it’s not just the tyre that needs attention… is the alloy wheel ok too?

Separately, what if you’re parking your car and you hear that only too telling scraping noise of your alloy wheel making contact with the kerb? How unsightly will the damage be and how much is that going to cost to repair?

Tyre Insurance is designed to cover the cost of repairing or (subject to a maximum contribution of up to £150, £300 or £450 per tyre) replacing up to four tyres fitted to your vehicle and one spare tyre. It’s available for 122436 or 48 month durations and permits up to 5 claims throughout the policy duration.

Alloy Wheel insurance is designed to cover the cost of cosmetic repairs to minor scuffs and scrapes of your alloy wheels. In the event the alloy wheel is damaged beyond a point whereby a reasonable cosmetic repair can be carried out, the policy will pay a maximum of £150 (inc’ VAT) towards the replacement of your alloy. It’s available for 1224, or 36 months and permits 3, 6 or 9 claims respectively).


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Excellent customer service, problems sorted first time, would recommend!
Kirsty JamesKirsty James

Straight forward and easy transaction. Compared to other sites they explained the product much better.

Amjad ShakeelAmjad Shakeel

Outstanding value compared to the dealership sky high prices

Steve StreetSteve Street
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What is the excess I’ll have to pay?

There is NO excess payable per claim on either policy but there IS an initial 14 day period within which a claim cannot be made.

Who can apply?

Tyre and Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance is available:

  • To an individual who has purchased or leased an eligible vehicle and who are resident in mainland Britain.
  • For vehicles purchased within the last 60 days that are under 10 years old and have covered fewer than 100,000 miles at the start of the policy
  • Where the tyres fitted to the car have a minimum of 2mm tread depth across the full tread of the tyre.
  • Where  the wheels  fitted  to the car are of  the original manufacturers specification and are not diamond or laser cut, of split rim construction  or polished (chromed)  finish

Can I purchase Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance if I don’t have GAP insurance?

Yes, Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance can be bought independently without the need to purchase a GAP Insurance policy.

What Is Covered?

Tyre insurance protects you against the unforeseen costs of having to replace or repair the tyres on your vehicle prematurely, as a result of accidental damage, puncture or malicious damage by a third party, resulting in the sudden and unforeseen deflation of a tyre of for side wall damage that does not immediately lead to sudden deflation provided that the tyre is deemed illegal by UK MOT testing standards, subject to the terms, exclusions and conditions as detailed in the policy document. This policy has a maximum claim limit per tyre of either £150, £300 or £450 including VAT, subject to the level of cover purchased. Should the cost of the replacement tyre exceed the maximum claim limit per tyre, you will be reimbursed up to the maximum claim limit. Please note  this policy is not transferable to another person or vehicle.

The supplier will pay for a maximum of three (3) claims on a one year policy, six (6) claims on a two year policy or nine (9) claims on a three year policy – subject to duration of cover that you purchase. Should the alloy wheel be damaged beyond a point whereby a reasonable cosmetic repair can be carried out, the policy will contribute a maximum amount of £150 including VAT towards the replacement of the alloy wheel. Each alloy wheel repair will be treated as a separate claim – e.g. if you accidentally damage two of your alloy wheels, this will count as two repairs during the Period of insurance.

What Is Not Covered?

  • Wear and tear, including any unevenly worn tyres caused by defective steering geometry outside manufacturer’s recommended limits, or wheel balance; failure of a suspension component or shock absorber or which in the opinion of a qualified engineer was caused wholly or partly from a lack of maintenance e.g. incorrect tyre pressure.
  • More than five tyre claims in the period of insurance.
  • Any vehicle which is 10 years or older from the date of manufacture, or where the total mileage is greater than 100,000, at the start of the period of insurance.
  • Where your vehicle is used as an emergency vehicle, taxi, or bus, for competition, including track days, racing, pace-making, hire or reward, off road use (including all Quadbikes), driving school, transportation of goods, delivery, courier, public service vehicles or designed to carry more than eight people including the driver.
  • Vehicles over 3500kg GVW or motorcycles, scooters or mopeds
  • Any claim where at the time of damage the tyre tread depth is less than 2mm across the full tread area of the tyre. If one or more of your tyres is damaged and the tread depth is less than 2mm across the full legal width, your claim will not be paid.
  • Theft of tyres or alloys
  • Where cover was purchased more than 60 days after taking delivery of the vehicle.
  • If the alloy wheels are after-market fitment or not of original specification for the vehicle
  • General wear and tear, corrosion, pitting, discolouration, tar staining, neglect or a defect which is not deemed as resulting from accidental damage.
  • Damage present on an alloy wheel prior to the commencement of the policy
  • Alloy wheel(s) which are diamond or laser cut, of split rim construction or with a polished (chromed) finish
  • Damage to your alloy wheels caused by fitting or changing a tyre or wheel
  • Any act or omission which is wilful or unlawful
  • Where the vehicle is located outside of the geographical limit of this policy
  • Failure of the approved repairer to match the cosmetic finish or any other alloy wheel on the vehicle.

These are examples of the main exclusions. For complete details please refer to the supplier’s policy document.

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In late 2003, whilst working for a popular online Car Dealer, David (founder of GAPinsurance.co.uk) was tasked with creating a website from which they could sell GAP insurance to the customers who they sold cars to. Spotting a gap in the market (no pun intended) he soon set about forming his own company that would become the UK's first dedicated online provider of GAP insurance, from which the UK's car-buying public could buy GAP insurance regardless as to from where they'd bought their cars. He named that company "Surf and Protect" and in March 2004, SurfandProtect.com was born.

Shortly afterwards "GAPinsurance.co.uk" was set up as a trading style of Surf and Protect and the company grew from strength to strength until, in mid 2009, with the company well established as the largest online broker of GAP insurance of the time, he sold the business and emigrated to live in New Zealand, becoming a full-time stay-at-home Dad to his two (which soon became three) young boys, in the process.

GAPinsurance.co.uk as we know it today formally relaunched in May 2012 with David acting as consultant. By late 2012 there was a pressing need for David to take on a more hands-on role and so, in December 2012 he and his family returned to the UK and together, David and Andrew set about developing GAPinsurance.co.uk proper.

Since then, GAPinsurance.co.uk has gone from strength to considerable strength, smashing all previous records year on year and demonstrating an almost unrivalled dedication to customer satisfaction through championing the consumer and making waves that the industry has had no choice but to sit up and pay attention to.

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